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Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Radical Dreamland 06/10/2021 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Blank Canvas 
2.A Colorful Tale 
3.The Town of Luncheon 
4.Supper Woods 
5.Eyes in the Darkness 
6.Not Anymore 
8.Art Academy 
9.Appie Foothills 
11.Wielder Temple 
12.Probably Ancient Evil 
13.A Wielder's Duty 
14.Just Like You 
15.Sips River 
16.Gulp Swamp 
18.Erase You 
19.Seeds of Doubt 
20.Messed Up Person 
21.Letter From the Queen 
22.Dinners, The Big City 
24.Teatime Meadows 
26.Grub Deep 
27.Her Wretched Utterances 
29.Alone With Myself 
31.uoY mA I 
32.Abandon Me 
33.Chicory's Theme 
34.Banquest Rainforest 
35.Dessert Mountain 
36.Song of the Wielders 
37.Simmer Springs 
38.Turnabout Squeeze 
39.Spoons Island 
40.More Than Myself 
41.Color Lab 
42.Calling Home 
44.Brunch Canyon 
45.Buried Deep 
47.She's Gone 
48.The Wielders' Legacy 
49.The Dark Forest 
50.You're Not Real 
51.Just Reach Out 
52.Something New 
53.Once More Into the Dark 
54.History Against Us 
55.Do the Impossible 
56.Change Everything 
57.The Mountain Top 
58.The Tale End 
59.A Fresh Start 
60.This Colorful World 
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