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Terror of Mechagodzilla
Mekagojira no gyakushu

Toho Music Co. 05/07/2021 Download
Movie Film release: 1975

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title4:33
2.Akatsuki One' In Distress1:06
3.Mugal To The Earth0:32
4.Dr. Mafune's Past0:49
5.The Female In The Mafune Family1:32
6.Off To Mount Amagi0:49
7.Mechagodzilla II1:48
8.Ichinose And Katsura0:45
9.Katsura's Memories1:33
10.Escape From Titanosaurus1:13
11.Ichinose Gets Tailed0:13
12.Titanosaurus Swings Into Action0:55
13.Titanosaurus Attacks1:12
14.The Appearance Of Godzilla1:15
15.Cyborg Surgery0:42
16.Completed Robot Monster0:38
17.The Mafune Family Tragedy1:15
18.Mechagodzilla II Goes On The Offensive0:41
19.Mechagodzilla Counterattacks2:59
20.Godzilla Arrives1:45
21.Godzilla Vs. Titanosaurus3:29
22.Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II3:38
23.Katsura's Death I0:19
24.Katsura's Death II1:46
25.Invaders' Last Moments1:45
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