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Bethune The Making Of a Hero

B3 Records 05/07/2021 Download
Movie Film release: 1990

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# Track   Duration
1.Model Hospital3:03
2.Arrival in China1:47
3.War Battle1:45
5.Montreal Rag1:39
6.Spanish Civil War3:12
7.Francis Leaving0:54
8.Entering occupied Territory0:36
9.Beth Bath0:31
10.Yellow River1:45
11.Lesson blood cold0:43
12.Beth meets Mrs Dowd Convoy0:42
13.Marching wth Horse0:45
14.Bethune seduces Mrs Dowd1:02
15.Chian Running0:19
16.Chian Dies0:37
17.War Zone Truck China0:35
18.Beth theme woodwinds1:01
19.Beth Study1:57
20.War Battle 11:22
21.Bethune Dances theme 20:55
22.Beth Flamenco0:38
23.Beth _1:00
24.Beth Soldiers Marching to War0:40
25.China new0:40
26.Chinese Execution0:32
27.Chinese Street1:17
28.Beth Rag with Sax Impro0:34
29.Beth Vigil Flute0:47
30.Bethune end credits4:16
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