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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Columbia Japan 06/18/2021 CD (4549767124384)

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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Theme 
2.0 am (fine weather) 
3.1 am (fine weather) 
4.2 am (fine weather) 
5.3 am (fine weather) 
6.4 am (fine weather) 
7.5 am (fine weather) 
8.6 am (fine weather) 
9.7 am (fine weather) 
10.8 am (fine weather) 
11.9 am (fine weather) 
12.10 am (fine weather) 
13.11 am (fine weather) 
14.0 pm (fine weather) 
15.1 pm (fine weather) 
16.2 pm (fine weather) 
17.3 pm (fine weather) 
18.4 pm (fine weather) 
19.5 pm (fine weather) 
20.6 pm (fine weather) 
21.7 pm (fine weather) 
22.8 pm (fine weather) 
23.9 pm (fine weather) 
24.10 pm (fine weather) 
25.11 pm (fine weather) 
# Track   Duration
1.0 am (rainy weather) 
2.1 am (rainy weather) 
3.2 am (rainy weather) 
4.3 am (rainy weather) 
5.4 am (rainy weather) 
6.5 am (rainy weather) 
7.6 am (rainy weather) 
8.7 am (rainy weather) 
9.8 am (rainy weather) 
10.9 am (rainy weather) 
11.10 am (rainy weather) 
12.11 am (rainy weather) 
13.0 pm (rainy weather) 
14.1 pm (rainy weather) 
15.2 pm (rainy weather) 
16.3 pm (rainy weather) 
17.4 pm (rainy weather) 
18.5 pm (rainy weather) 
19.6 pm (rainy weather) 
20.7 pm (rainy weather) 
21.8 pm (rainy weather) 
22.9 pm (rainy weather) 
23.10 pm (rainy weather) 
24.11 pm (rainy weather) 
25.0 am (snowy weather) 
26.1 am (snowy weather) 
27.2 am (snowy weather) 
28.3 am (snowy weather) 
29.4 am (snowy weather) 
30.5 am (snowy weather) 
31.6 am (snowy weather) 
32.7 am (snowy weather) 
33.8 am (snowy weather) 
34.9 am (snowy weather) 
35.10 am (snowy weather) 
36.11 am (snowy weather) 
37.0 pm (snowy weather) 
38.1 pm (snowy weather) 
39.2 pm (snowy weather) 
40.3 pm (snowy weather) 
41.4 pm (snowy weather) 
42.5 pm (snowy weather) 
43.6 pm (snowy weather) 
44.7 pm (snowy weather) 
45.8 pm (snowy weather) 
46.9 pm (snowy weather) 
47.10 pm (snowy weather) 
48.11 pm (snowy weather) 
# Track   Duration
1.Information Desk (Tent) 
2.Information Desk 
3.Blathers Tent 
4.Museum (Entrance) 
5.Museum (Fish Room) 
6.Museum (Insect Room) 
7.Museum (Fossil Room) 
8.Museum (Art Room) 
9.Airport Lobby (Speaker version) 
10.Airport Lobby (Full Sound version) 
11.Able Sisters 
12.Tanuki Shop (Small) 
13.Tanuki Shop (Big) 
14.Tanuki Shop (Before Closing) 
15.Inari Market 
17.Island Life Orientation 1 
18.Island Life Orientation 2 
19.Island Life Orientation 3 
20.Island Life Orientation 4 (Campfire Evening) 
21.Island Life Orientation 5 (fine weather) 
22.Island Life Orientation 5 (rainy weather) 
23.Island Life Orientation 5 (snowy weather) 
24.Island Life Orientation 6 (fine weather) 
25.Island Life Orientation 6 (rainy weather) 
26.Island Life Orientation 6 (snowy weather) 
27.Island Life Orientation 7 (fine weather) 
28.Island Life Orientation 7 (rainy weather) 
29.Island Life Orientation 7 (snowy weather) 
30.Isolated Island Noon(fine weather) 
31.Isolated Island Noon (rainy weather) 
32.Isolated Island Noon (snowy weather) 
33.Isolated Island Evening (fine weather) 
34.Isolated Island Evening (rainy weather) 
35.Isolated Island Evening (snowy weather) 
# Track   Duration
1.Tournament (in progress) 
2.Tournament (joining) 
4.June Bride (Reese & Cyrus) 
5.June Bride (Party) 
6.Fireworks Tournament 
8.Thanksgiving Day 
9.Thanksgiving Day (Cooking Start) 
10.Thanksgiving Day (Cooking Complete) 
11.Christmas (snowy weather) 
12.Christmas (fine weather) 
13.Countdown (11 pm) 
17.New Year (HappyNewYear) 
18.New Year (0 am) 
19.New Year (2 am) 
20.New Year's Day; 
22.Carnival Kimedance (Normal) 
23.Carnival Kimedance (Complete) 
24.Tanuki Immigration Procedure Counter 
25.K.K. Slider Dream 
26.Island Broadcasting (Tom Nook) 
27.Island Broadcasting (Isabelle) 
28.Institution Completion Ceremony 
29.Outing (DAL Fanfare) 
30.Outing (In-flight broadcasting) 
31.Outing (Waiting) 
32.Outing (Meeting) 
33.Outing (Farewell) 
34.!Urgency Escape Service 
35.amiibo invitation 
36.Chased by Bee 
37.Stung by Bee 
38.Stung by Scorpion・Tarantula 
39.Get Fanfare 
40.Complete Fanfare 
41.Radio Jingle (Morning 1) 
42.Radio Jingle (Morning 2) 
43.Radio Jingle (Morning 3) 
44.Radio Jingle (Morning 4) 
45.Radio Jingle (Morning 5) 
46.Radio Jingle (Morning 6) 
47.Radio Jingle (Noon 1) 
48.Radio Jingle (Noon 2) 
49.Radio Jingle (Noon 3) 
50.Radio Jingle (Noon 4) 
51.Radio Jingle (Noon 5) 
52.Radio Jingle (Noon 6) 
53.Radio Jingle (Evening 1) 
54.Radio Jingle (Evening 2) 
55.Radio Jingle (Evening 3) 
56.Radio Jingle (Evening 4) 
57.Radio Jingle (Evening 5) 
58.Radio Jingle (Evening 6) 
59.Radio Jingle (Easter) 
60.Radio Jingle (Halloween) 
61.Radio Jingle (Thanksgiving Day) 
62.Radio Jingle (Christmas) 
63.Radio Jingle (Countdown) 
64.Radio Jingle (Carnival) 
65.Opening Theme (Remote Performance) (Bonus Track) 
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