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The 20th Century Fox Years Volume 1 - 1934-1939

Sepia Records 05/07/2021 CD (5055122113645)

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# Track   Duration
1.Nasty Man - Alice Faye 
2.Foolin' With The Other Woman's Man - Alice Faye 
3.You Turned The Tables On Me - Alice Faye 
4.Sing, Baby, Sing (Radio Preview) - Alice Faye 
5.One Never Knows, Does One? - Alice Faye 
6.Goodnight My Love - Alice Faye 
7.This Year's Kisses - Alice Faye 
8.You're Laughing At Me - Dick Powell 
9.Slumming On Park Avenue - Alice Faye 
10.I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Alice Faye & Dick Powell 
11.The Girl On The Police Gazette - Dick Powell 
12.He Ain't Got Rhythm P.1 - Alice Faye & The Ritz Brothers 
13.He Ain't Got Rhythm P.2 - The Ritz Brothers 
14.I'm Bubbling Over - The 20th Century Fox Studio Orchestra 
15.It's Swell Of You - Buddy Clark 
16.Never In A Million Years - Buddy Clark 
17.Wake Up And Live - Alice Faye 
18.De Camptown Races - Buddy Clark 
19.Oh But I'm Happy - Buddy Clark 
20.Wake Up And Live Routine #1 - Buddy Clark 
21.Wake Up And Live Routine #2 - Buddy Clark 
22.I'm Bubbling Over Grace - Bradley & The Brewster Twins 
23.There's A Lull In My Life - Alice Faye 
24.I Love You Too Much, Muchacha Pt. 1 - 20th Century Fox Studio Orchestra 
25.I Love You Too Much, Muchacha Pt. 2 - Leah Ray 
26.Wake Up And Live (Radio Promo Pt. 1) - Ben Bernie And Leah Ray 
27.Wake Up And Live (Radio Promo Pt. 2) - Ben Bernie, Alice Faye & George Givot 
28.Wake Up And Live (Radio Promo Pt. 3) - Ben Bernie, Jack Haley & Alice Faye 
29.Never In A Million Years - Ann Sothern & Don Ameche 
30.North Pole Routine Pt. 1 - The Ritz Brothers 
31.North Pole Routine Pt. 2 - The Ritz Brothers & Tony Martin 
# Track   Duration
1.You Can't Have Everything - Alice Faye With Rubinoff 
2.Afraid To Dream - Rubinoff 
3.Danger, Love At Work - Alice Faye & Louis Prima 
4.You Can't Have Everything - Louis Prima 
5.Please Pardon Us, We're In Love - Alice Faye 
6.Tip, Tap, Toe Routine - The 20th Century Fox Studio Orchestra 
7.You Can't Have Everything (Reprise) - Alice Faye With Rubinoff 
8.The Loveliness Of You - Tony Martin 
9.Afraid To Dream - Alice Faye & Tony Martin With Rubinoff 
10.Afraid To Dream - Tony Martin 
11.Afraid To Dream - Don Ameche 
12.You're A Sweetheart - Alice Faye 
13.There's A Half Moon On The Hudson - The Brian Sisters 
14.Stop Being So Beautiful - Tony Martin 
15.I Could Use A Dream (Rehearsal) - Alice Faye & Tony Martin 
16.I Could Use A Dream (Apartment Sequence) - Alice Faye & Tony Martin 
17.Think Twice - Alice Faye, Joan Davis & Portland Hoffa 
18.Think Twice - Peters Sisters Trio 
19.There's A Half Moon On The Hudson - Alice Faye & Tony Martin 
20.This Is Where I Came In - Alice Faye 
21.Sweet As A Song - Tony Martin 
22.I'm A Gypsy - Joan Davis 
23.Got My Mind On Music - Alice Faye, Joan Davis & Marjorie Weaver 
24.Turna - Jimmy Durante 
25.Who Stole The Jam? - Alice Faye, Joan Davis, Marjorie Weaver & The Brian Sisters 
26.I've Taken A Fancy To You - Alice Faye 
27.Carry Me Back To Ol' Virginny - Alice Faye 
28.Are You In The Mood For Mischief? - Alice Faye 
29.Go In And Out The Window - Alice Faye 
30.There'll Be Other Nights - Alice Faye 
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