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Vermintide 2

Laced Records 07/09/2021 Vinyl (5024545919912)

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# Track   Duration
1.Vermintide 2 Main Theme Chaos Version 
2.The Gate 
3.Sneaking Inside the Skaven Camp 
4.The Elven Ruins 
5.Arcane Sorcery 
6.Entering The War Camp 
7.War Camp Showdown 
8.The Sewers 
9.Through The Portal 
10.Welcome Dark Forest 
11.The Grey Seers 
12.The Skaven Bell 
13.Ussingen Destroyed 
15.Norsca Attacks 
16.Last Stand 
17.Norsca Chaos 
18.The Farmland 
19.Ground Zero 
20.Skaven Ritual 
21.Troll Boss 
22.Troll Cave 
23.Escape and Panic 
24.The Temple 
25.Heroic Escape 
26.The Horde (Chaos Remix) 
27.Norsca Fight 
29.Order of the Grey Seers 
30.The Sorcerer 
31.Warhammer Vermintide 2 Release Trailer 
32.Return To Drachenfel 
33.Black Magic 
34.Castle Drachenfels 
35.The Village 
36.Possessed Chaos Sorcerer 
37.Sacrificial Attack 
38.Rat Ogre Remix 
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