Cain's Hundred

Film Score Monthly (0638558027424)
TV Series/TV film | Release date: 07/20/2009 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 3000 copies

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
Score from episode Crime and Commitment
1.End Title [Series Version]1:03
2.The Heist1:43
3.Main Title0:22
4.Chapter Title/Early Appointment/The Phone Call/The Bottle1:55
5.Vincent’s Visit/The Files3:02
6.The Showdown, Pt. 1/Across the River, Pt. 1/The Bargain1:21
7.Late Visit/Stella’s Death/Across the River, Pt. 2/Orders4:46
8.The Showdown, Pt. 2/The Beginning5:54
Score from episode Rules of Evidence
9.Chapter Title/The Stake Out1:45
10.The Roundup1:43
11.Old Face2:22
12.The Guilty Hand1:36
13.Gathering Forces1:05
14.The Tavern/The Hunters/Bobbie’s Plan1:55
15.The Meeting2:06
16.Dinner Guest/Bobbie’s Visit/Bobbie’s Wish2:01
17.Phil’s Death/The Winner1:06
18.Hauser’s Visit/Mead’s Offer/The First Hundred2:17
Score from episode Degrees of Guilt
19.The Payoff/Commercial I.D. (Main Title)1:09
20.Chapter Title/The Plan1:15
21.The Elevator/Uninvited Guest1:43
22.The Motive1:55
23.Party Girl2:03
24.The Toy Dog/Bunny’s Capture1:13
25.The Killer2:06
26.The Daughter2:25
27.Means to an End0:37
28.Broken Furniture0:48
29.Final Chapter1:22
30.End Title [Pilot Version]0:53
Score from episode Markdown on a Man
31.The Victim/The Gorilla/The Debt1:15
32.The Secret2:23
33.Herb’s Visit/Odd Man Out1:58
34.Commercial I.D. (Bumper) Morton Stevens0:07
Score from episode Cost of Living
35.Unexpected Kiss/Without Ulcers Morton Stevens1:05
36.New Main Title Morton Stevens0:34
37.Chapter Title/Unwanted Envelope/Zink’s Demise Morton Stevens2:54
38.Choking and Upset Stomach/Our Connection Morton Stevens2:20
39.Moody Arnie/Not Hungry Morton Stevens1:19
40.Up and at ’Em and Your Carriage Awaits/Thanks a Lot/Alone at Last/Concerning Arnie Morton Stevens3:09
41.Still Stull/Much Talk Morton Stevens3:03
42.Cain’s Warning/So Long Arnie/Judlow’s Guidance/Promise Morton Stevens2:24
43.I.D. No. 2 (Bumper) Jerry Goldsmith0:07
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