Les Meilleures musiques des premiers films de Dany Carrel

Disques CinéMusique 10/15/2020 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Générique (From Maternité clandestine) (1953) José Cana, René Denoncin2:09
2.Générique début et final (From Les Possédées) (1956) Maurice Leroux2:50
3.Générique (From Que les hommes sont bêtes) (1957) Henri Verdun1:43
4.Générique (From Porte des Lilas) (1957) Georges Brassens1:51
5.Thème principal (From Pot-Bouille) (1957) Jean Wiener2:43
6.Générique (From Ce corps tant désiré) (1959) Henri Crolla, André Hodeir1:56
7.La Femme idéale (From Les Dragueurs) (1959) Maurice Jarre2:34
8.Chantage (From Les mains d'Orlac) (1960) Claude Bolling1:38
9.C'est parti (From Les mains d'Orlac) (1960) Claude Bolling2:46
10.Main Title (From The Mill of the Stone Women) (1960) Carlo Innocenzi1:45
11.Thème principal (From Les Ennemis) (1961) Martial Solal2:43
12.L'espionnage (From Les Ennemis) (1961) Martial Solal1:12
13.Générique (From Le commissaire mène l'enquête) (1963) André Hossein2:26
14.Générique (From Une souris chez les hommes) (1964) Guy Béart, Michel Colombier1:25
15.Blues dans la nuit (From Du Grabuge chez les veuves) (1964) Georges Delerue3:38
16.Générique (From La Petite Vertu) (1968) Georges Delerue3:25
17.Escapade champêtre (From La Petite Vertu) (1968) Georges Delerue1:35
18.Générique début (From L'Enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot) (2011) Bruno Alexiu1:51
19.La Colombe d'or (From L'Enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot) (2011) Bruno Alexiu1:46
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Best music from Dany Carrel's early movies

Added on Thursday, October 15, 2020  

Disques CinéMusique presents an album featuring the best themes from the first films of the French actress Dany Carrel, born in 1932.

Disques Cinémusique presents an album featuring the best themes from the first films of the French actress Dany Carrel, born in 1932.

It was generally agreed that Dany Carrel did not have the success she deserved on the big screen. Although endowed with an undeniable talent as an actress and one of the most advantageous physique, the directors most often entrusted her with secondary roles, or leading roles which confined her to the characters of light women with a generous nature. Associated with a traditional cinema of the 1950s, she was shunned by the representatives of the New Wave.

On the other hand, Dany Carrel was more successful on the theatre stage and she also worked a lot for television. On a personal level, she spent much effort in tracing her origins and building a family life.

In the late sixties and early seventies, Dany Carrel starred in a few other films that have an interesting soundtrack, such as Clérambard by Vladimir Cosma, and Delphine by Roland Vincent, whose theme song is performed by Mrs. Carrel.

To complete our new recording of the music composed by Georges Delerue for Serge Korber’s La Petite Vertu in 1967, we would have liked to also include the song that Dany Carrel performs in her role as a cabaret artist in this comedy. Never released on disc, this short performance highlights the actress's soprano voice. It’s a shame she did not exploit this talent more. Fortunately, this delightful scene can be viewed on YouTube.


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