Colosseum (4005939667627)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206667622)
Movie | Release date: 08/30/2005 | Film release: 2005 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Stealth Main Title4:11
2.War Machine1:41
3.EDI’s Arrival1:52
4.The Pilots’ Theme2:03
5.The Joy of Flight1:21
6.EDI’s New Data2:18
7.The Vertical Drop1:55
8.Hellava 1st Mission1:16
9.Lightning Strike1:45
11.Love Theme1:54
12.I’ll Tell You Back at the Boat2:27
13.Quantum Computer1:25
14.EDI is the Whole Idea1:31
15.Flight to Tajikistan1:56
16.Tin Man Will Prosecute1:54
17.Attack at Tajikistan2:48
18.Henry’s Death3:34
19.The Aftermath1:52
20.Kara’s Ejection3:29
21.Camel Hump2:43
22.Korean Waterhole1:33
23.Saving EDI1:56
24.EDI Feels Sorry3:10
25.Cummings’ Suicide2:31
27.Death of Col Yune1:40
28.EDI’s Sacrifice2:16
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This soundtrack trailer contains music of:

Demolition Down, RipTide Music/Daniel Lenz (Trailer)
Knife Rise, RipTide Music/Gerard Marino (Trailer)
Massive Incline, RipTide Music/ Dan Silver (Trailer)
Evil Pitch Bender, RipTider Music/ Gerard Marino (Trailer)
All Hands On Deck, Pfeifer Broz. Music (Trailer)
Straight Ahead, Future World Music/Armen Hambar (Trailer)
Original Trailer Music, James Dooley (Trailer)
Up & Out, Siren Cues (Trailer)
Torn Scream, RipTide Music/Daniel Lenz (Trailer)

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