Command & Conquer: Red Alert

EA Music 06/26/2020 Download
Game soundtrack Film release: 1996

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# Track   Duration
1.Bog (Remastered)3:36
2.Chaos (Remastered)4:17
3.Red Alert Map Theme (Remastered)1:05
4.Shut It (Remastered)4:27
5.Wasteland (Remastered)4:06
6.Arazoid (Remastered)4:26
7.Gloom (Remastered)4:01
8.Terminate (Remastered)5:20
9.Dense (Remastered)5:02
10.Run (Remastered)5:13
11.The Plan (Remastered)3:16
12.Groundwire (Remastered)3:54
13.Radio 2 (Retaliation Remix) (Remastered)3:35
14.Reload Fire (Remastered)4:52
15.Bigfoot (Remastered)5:15
16.Backstab (Remastered)4:47
17.Traction (Remastered)4:01
18.The Second Hand (Remastered)4:35
19.Face The Enemy 1 (Remastered)4:37
20.Crush (Retaliation Remix) (Remastered)3:42
21.Journey (Remastered)4:30
22.Concrete (Remastered)3:58
23.Hell March (Original Demo) (Remastered)3:38
24.Trenches (Remastered)5:20
25.Mud (Retaliation Remix) (Remastered)4:47
26.Twin Cannon (Retaliation Remix) (Remastered)3:47
27.Voice Rhythm 2 (Remastered)4:19
28.Floating (Remastered)4:41
29.Workmen (Remastered)4:44
30.Underlying Thoughts (Remastered)4:13
31.Twin Cannon (Remastered)3:55
32.The Truth Is A Lie (Remastered)3:32
33.Roll Out (Remastered)3:55
34.Intro Menu (Remastered)3:30
35.Hell March (Remastered)6:24
36.Running Through Pipes / Mechanical Man 2 (Remastered)4:41
37.No Mercy (Retaliation Remix) (Remastered)3:32
38.Fogger (Remastered)5:08
39.The Search (Remastered)4:41
40.Crush (Remastered)3:49
41.Snake (Remastered)4:43
42.Militant Force (Remastered)1:50
43.Smash (Remastered)4:41
44.Face The Enemy 2 (Remastered)5:36
45.Awaiting (Remastered)4:25
46.Surf No Mercy (Remastered)3:12
47.Hell March (Retaliation Remix) (Remastered)3:31
48.Radio 2 (Remastered)4:05
49.Vector (Remastered)4:18
50.Workmen (Retaliation Remix) (Remastered)3:25
51.Mud (Remastered)4:48
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