The Dan Redfeld Collection, Vol. 1

DDRDGDF 05/29/2020 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.The Flood (from"The Covered Wagon") 
2.Theme from Barbara Jean (From 'Barbara Jean") 
3.Music in the Night / Father & Daughter (From 'Barbara Jean") 
4.Jonathan’s Impromptu (From 'Barbara Jean") 
5.The Kiss / Reminiscing with Father (From 'Barbara Jean") 
6.End Credits (From 'Barbara Jean") 
7.Opening Titles (Maria Remembers) (from "MARIA CRISTINA") 
8.Fiddling About (from "MARIA CRISTINA") 
9.Popcorn, Poems & Videotape (from "MARIA CRISTINA") 
10.End Credits (from "MARIA CRISTINA") 
11.Une Petite Mélodie Fraçaise (from "PINK No. 22") 
12.The Whiteman Overbite Bossa (from "PINK No. 22") 
13.Café Musique (from "PINK No. 22") 
14.Main Titles / The Body (from "SERIAL") 
15.Lingerie (from "SERIAL") 
16.Photograph / Recording the Murder (from "SERIAL") 
17.Peephole & Chase: Dénoument (From "Serial") 
18.Killer Mind ((from "SERIAL") 
19.Main Titles (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
20.Sack it To Me / You Are A Bag Lady! (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
21.The Showdown (Parts I & II) (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
22.Oatmeal & “Other” Things in My Hair!!! (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
23.Slap That Bag (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
24.The Klepto’s Mania (Finally Cured...?) (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
25.End Credits (Sylvia’s Theme) (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
26.Piano Bar Source (from "A Bloomingdale’s Shopping Bag") 
27.Purim Spiel / The Basement (from "PURIM SPIEL") 
28.First Vision (from "PURIM SPIEL") 
29.Second & Third Visions (from "PURIM SPIEL") 
30.Revelations (from "PURIM SPIEL") 
31.Theme from Purim Spiel (from "PURIM SPIEL") 
32.Logo & Intro (From "M.A.M.A.") 
33.Interviews (from "M.A.M.A.") 
34.Goals / Assault 1 / The Stance (from "M.A.M.A.") 
35.Becoming Bad Ass / Assault 2 / Totally Bad Ass (from "M.A.M.A.") 
36.Game of Cones (from "M.A.M.A.") 
37.Kick Ass / Theme from M.A.M.A. (from " (from "M.A.M.A.") 
38.Main & End Titles (From "FUNNY BONED") 
39.Main Titles / The Pistol / Father & Son Flashback / News Bulletin (From "ANIMOSITY") 
40.Trigger Moments / Skinheads / Breakdown (From "ANIMOSITY") 
41.God Help Us All (From "ANIMOSITY") 
42.New Friends (From "ANIMOSITY") 
43.Theme from Animosity (From "ANIMOSITY") 
44.I’m Going To Kill You... (Orchestral demo) 
45.Main Titles (The Dance Begins) (From "CLINIC E") 
46.The Letter / To Clinic E! (From "CLINIC E") 
47.Questionnaires & Syringes (From "CLINIC E") 
48.Montage (The Dance Intensifies) (From "CLINIC E") 
49.The Nightmare (From "CLINIC E") 
50.Cold Sweat / Back to Clinic E (Versions A & B) (From "CLINIC E") 
51.Results / A New Jack (The Dance Winds Down) (From "CLINIC E") 
52.Tango a la Jack (End Credits) (From "CLINIC E") 
53.Clouds, Corridor & Amy / The Doll (From "Fly") 
54.Introducing Lucas & His Card Tricks (From "Fly") 
55.Nocturnal Activities (You’re Beautiful) / Towards the Light (From "Fly") 
56.The Finch (From "Fly") 
57.Into the Light (From "Fly") 
58.Tape Recording & The Appartiton / Saving Grace (From "Fly") 
59.Bid Time Return / Amy Again (From "Fly") 
60.Theme from Fly (End Credits) (From "Fly") 
61.Main Titles (from "MOUSTACHE") 
62.Sexy Talk (from "MOUSTACHE") 
63.The Moustached Man (from "MOUSTACHE") 
64.I'll Grow One For You (from "MOUSTACHE") 
65.Tell Me Your Name... (from "MOUSTACHE") 
66.Constance (Theme from Moustache) (from "MOUSTACHE") 
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