Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Ready Player Piano 05/22/2020 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Emerald Hill Zone1:32
2.Chemical Plant Zone1:57
3.Aquatic Ruin Zone1:18
4.Casino Night Zone1:57
5.Hill Top Zone1:40
6.Mystic Cave Zone1:57
7.Oil Ocean Zone1:54
8.Metropolis Zone1:33
9.Sky Chase Zone1:22
10.Wing Fortress Zone1:41
11.Death Egg Zone1:46
13.Final Boss1:00
14.Ending Theme1:18
15.Emerald Hill Zone 2 Player1:17
16.Casino Night Zone 2 Player0:54
17.Mystic Cave Zone 2 Player1:55
18.2 Player Results1:27
19.Special Stage1:28
20.Super Sonic0:43
21.Hidden Palace Zone1:39
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