Silva Screen Records 01/31/2020 CD
Silva Screen Records 01/10/2020 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Opening TitlesDavid Arnold & Michael Price0:54
2.Mina's ThemeDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:15
3.ContaminatedDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:14
4.Boxes of UndeadDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:42
5.Vague in PartsDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:18
6.Dracula is GodDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:52
7.Hello JonnyDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:59
8.Bats are a Little NoisyDavid Arnold & Michael Price0:53
9.You are Jonathan HarkerDavid Arnold & Michael Price3:40
10.Helsing!David Arnold & Michael Price2:02
11.Greatest of CareDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:26
12.SermonDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:19
13.Clearing Her ThroatDavid Arnold & Michael Price3:48
14.Bad BookDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:40
15.The Right OneDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:46
16.Make It A Long VoyageDavid Arnold & Michael Price3:47
17.Learning GermanDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:30
18.A PineappleDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:05
19.In the MirrorDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:31
20.Pulsing JugularDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:50
21.Fish MeatDavid Arnold & Michael Price3:36
22.What Kept YouDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:57
23.Sentimental StalkingDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:09
24.Trying to Contact YouDavid Arnold & Michael Price1:36
25.UndisturbedDavid Arnold & Michael Price3:16
26.Nothing to LoseDavid Arnold & Michael Price3:38
27.One Less ThingDavid Arnold & Michael Price3:37
28.Inside Your headDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:33
29.Outgrown BeautyDavid Arnold & Michael Price6:46
30.That Is EverythingDavid Arnold & Michael Price2:02
31.The FearDavid Arnold & Michael Price4:17
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Dracula television series

Added on Thursday, January 09, 2020  

David Arnold and Michael Price's score available on 10/01/2020

Silva Screen Records will release on January 10th 2020 David Arnold and Michael Price's score to the television series Dracula. The score will be available digitally, the CD release will follow on 31/01/2020. From the team behind BBC’s critically acclaimed Sherlock comes Dracula, the reimagining of the iconic titular vampire for a 21st Century audience. Composers David Arnold and Michael Price reunite with writers and creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, to breathe musical life into another famous literary character from Victorian times.

For Dracula, Arnold and Price conceived an innovative and petrifying score, in which traditional instruments and musique concrete merge with contemporary use of samples and sound design. Scoring Dracula presented its own challenges and the composers have augmented the sound of the orchestra players by creating a library of sounds used throughout the score.

At the launch of the series at the BFI Southbank, David Arnold said “We created a bunch of quite awful sounds that were musical, one of which was actual real blood in a glass, with the finger run round the top of the rim… We created percussion things with coffins. The best thing was, I got the sound department to send me all their recordings of screaming babies, and I made an organ out of screaming babies.”

Also featured on the score are Cello soloists Tim Gill (London Sinfonietta Principal) and Caroline Dale (Truly, Madly, Deeply, Hilary and Jackie) and Electric Cello from Peter Gregson. The atmospheric music is perfectly complemented by the classical soprano Grace Davidson and jazz singer Sumudu Jayatilaka. The total playtime of the album will be 77 minutes long.

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