Frozen 2
Banda Sonora Original en Español/Edición Deluxe

Walt Disney Records 11/15/2019 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Mil MemoriasLeslie Gil2:05
2.Desde el CorazónRomina Marroquín Payró & Carmen Sarahí & David Filio & Pepe Vilchis & Cast of Frozen 23:29
3.Mucho Más AlláCarmen Sarahí & Aurora3:14
4.Cuando Sea MayorDavid Filio1:51
5.Renos Mejores Que Humanos (Continuación)Pepe Vilchis0:26
6.Tu LuzPepe Vilchis3:00
7.MuéstrateCarmen Sarahí & Leslie Gil4:20
8.Lo Que Hay Que HacerRomina Marroquín Payró3:36
9.Into the Unknown (Panic! At The Disco Version)Panic! At The Disco3:07
10.All Is Found (Kacey Musgraves Version)Kacey Musgraves3:01
11.Lost in the Woods (Weezer Version)Weezer3:02
12.Mucho más allá (Versión de David Bisbal)David Bisbal3:10
13.All Is Found (Lullaby Ending) (Outtake)Evan Rachel Wood1:54
14.Home (Outtake)Kristen Bell2:56
15.I Seek the Truth (Outtake)Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Patti Murin4:01
16.Unmeltable Me (Outtake)Josh Gad1:25
17.Get This Right (Outtake)Jonathan Groff & Kristen Bell3:46
18.All Is Found (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez2:07
19.Some Things Never Change (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez3:27
20.Into the Unknown (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez3:16
21.When I Am Older (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez1:52
22.Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.) (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez0:14
23.Lost in the Woods (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez3:01
24.Show Yourself (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez4:18
25.The Next Right Thing (Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez3:36
26.Into the Unknown (Panic! At The Disco Version/Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez3:08
27.All Is Found (Kacey Musgraves Version/Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez3:01
28.Lost in the Woods (Weezer Version/Instrumental)Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez3:02
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
Christophe Beck
2.The Northuldra2:35
5.The Mist2:42
7.Iduna's ScarfChristophe Beck & Cast of Frozen 24:37
8.Fire and Ice3:16
9.Earth Giants1:57
10.The Ship4:55
11.River Slide2:32
12.Dark Sea2:47
13.Ghosts of Arendelle Past2:58
14.Gone Too Far3:44
15.Rude Awakening2:05
16.The Flood3:34
17.Reindeer CircleCantus1:40
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