Silent Night, Deadly Night
35th Anniversary Edition

Howlin' Wolf Records 11/15/2019 CD
Movie Film release: 1984

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
Film Mixes
1.Santa's Watching (Intro) * / Main Title ***previously unreleased recording - **previously unreleased alternate mix2:02
2.Going Nowhere2:05
3.Never Stop for Strangers ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:53
4.Snow Ax0:32
5.Caught in the Act2:25
6.Jingle Jam1:06
9.Running Away0:21
10.Erotic Dreams ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:47
11.Scary Time0:33
12.Dress Up0:31
13.Billy Loses It ****previously unreleased alternate mix3:49
14.Poor Boy0:45
15.Mad Hatter0:09
16.Santa's Bow and Arrow ****previously unreleased alternate mix4:22
17.Horns ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:28
18.A Little Later1:36
19.Smiley Face1:55
20.No Smoking0:56
21.Take Him Away0:44
22.Offing Father O'Brian ****previously unreleased alternate mix1:13
24.Snow Dreams (The Axing of Sheriff Brown) ****previously unreleased alternate mix2:53
25.Naughty ****previously unreleased alternate mix3:28
26.Punish! **previously unreleased recording0:28
1980's Soundtrack Mixes
27.Main Title1:44
29.Santa's Bow and Arrow4:20
30.Offing Father O'Brian1:13
31.Santa's Watching (Intro) / Snow Dreams (The Axing of Sheriff Brown) **2:53
33.Never Stop for Strangers1:48
34.Caught in the Act ****previously unreleased alternate mix2:22
35.Billy Loses It3:49
36.Erotic Dreams1:50
# Track   Duration
1.It Must Be Christmas3:22
3.Santa's Watching1:39
4.Merry Christmas Baby3:31
5.The Warm Side of the Door3:47
6.Christmas Party3:43
7.Christmas Flu3:29
8.Christmas Fever0:59
9.I Wanna Sing You a Love Song3:24
10.Sweet Little Baby3:28
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Silent Night, Deadly Night - 35th Anniversary Edition

You've made it through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas.

Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present a Two-Disc Set for the 35th Anniversary of SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. Disc One is the complete score by Grammy-winning composer Perry Botkin and Disc Two contains the songs written for the film by renowned songwriter and singer Morgan Ames.

On November 9th of 1984, a mentally-tortured and deranged Santa was unleashed on an unwitting public, and the result was a mayhem of whimsically evil holiday fun that thrills horror film lovers annually. The film also provoked the ire of those who wanted to censor the concept of an unhinged Santa. Screenwriter Michael Hickey sardonically recalls, 'America's moral guardians decided that nobody of any age should be permitted to see any entertainment that was not suitable for a six-year-old child.'

The concept for a killer Santa was the creative muse of film producers Scott Schneid and Dennis Whitehead and brought to life for celluloid by screenwriter Michael Hickey and director Charles E. Sellier, Jr. The film follows Billy Chapman from his disturbing encounters with malevolent grandfather Chapman through the horrific murders of both of his parents by an evil Santa on the lam. Afterwards Billy and his brother are sent to an orphanage with a stern disciplinarian Mother Superior (brilliantly played by Lilyan Chauvin), and Billy finally lands at the toy store with the bumbling Mr. Sims, who after having him dress up as Santa, finally sends Billy over the edge as a Santa who has EVERYONE on his 'naughty' list!

The score by composer Perry Botkin is a classic electronic score from the '80's that is truly one of the most celebrated elements of this perennial cult classic. The composer recounts, 'I'd never seen a slasher movie in my life until I watched SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, so I had no preconception about what a slasher/horror score should sound like, or what other horror composers had done in the past or were doing at that time. I just sat down with my Mac Plus, banged away, and out came the score.' ...And what came out is a brilliant mash-up of frenzied horror cacophony blended with melodious euphony, and a virtual carnival funhouse of electronic holiday madness. As an added treat, the release features a second disc with all of the songs written by Morgan Ames, which throughout the film add just the right touch to contrast the merriment of Christmas against the backdrop of a horror film.

For the SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 35th Anniversary Edition, audio technician Ian Zapczynski sourced Perry Botkin's score from the 192 kHz direct transfers of the composer's original analog master tapes, with the tape-to-digital transfers supervised by Howlin' Wolf Records at Avatar Studios in NYC. It was important to salvage every piece of audio that would be of interest to soundtrack collectors, and at the highest audiophile-grade quality possible, securing this as the definitive edition of the complete SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT soundtrack set on CD. All tracks for Perry Botkin's score were fully remastered from the flat tape transfers, and digital restoration techniques were used where necessary, with care to remain faithful to the high quality of the master recording. In addition, two short tracks that were not previously released are added to the tracklist, including the film's opening 'Santa's Watching.' The construct for this soundtrack edition centers around the original mixes used in the film and the alternate mixes prepared for an '80's LP release that never came to fruition. Each alternate mix contains audible differences from its corresponding track, most notably a heavier use of reverb and stereo separation on the tracks mixed for the never released '80's LP.

Howlin' Wolf Records' 35th Anniversary Release for SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT is a pressing of 300 CDs, featuring the unforgettable original poster art for the film, a 20-page deluxe booklet with liner notes by Co-Executive Producers Scott Schneid & Dennis Whitehead, Screenwriter Michael Hickey, and Composer Perry Botkin, all balanced against a canvas of beautiful designs and vivid imagery by graphic artist and long-time Howlin' Wolf Records Art Director Luis Miguel Rojas.

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