La Tribu de las 7 Islas

Plaza Mayor Company 11/15/2019 Download (194491503833)
Movie Film release: 2017

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Titulos de AperturaNavid Hejazi0:42
2.EstanciaNavid Hejazi1:39
3.El MapaNavid Hejazi1:50
4.La Historia de la TribuNavid Hejazi1:35
5.OlvidoNavid Hejazi1:39
6.La Tribu al CompletoNavid Hejazi0:53
7.TellitNavid Hejazi1:02
8.Nuestra IslaNavid Hejazi1:53
9.Aranfaybo y el BoneteNavid Hejazi1:25
10.El DesiertoNavid Hejazi2:20
11.Las Tierras OscurasNavid Hejazi1:22
12.Hablando con un TibicenaNavid Hejazi2:24
13.La Tribu de la LuzNavid Hejazi2:47
14.GuayotaNavid Hejazi2:37
15.Guayoth RegresaNavid Hejazi2:22
16.El Bosque de la VerdadNavid Hejazi3:04
17.El Baston de MagecNavid Hejazi1:58
18.Somos Tu TribuNavid Hejazi3:27
19.MiguanNavid Hejazi0:37
20.Mi Esencia Esta CambiandoNavid Hejazi1:19
21.La Eterna Amante del SolNavid Hejazi2:26
22.Miedo de OlvidarNavid Hejazi0:42
23.Magec Volvera a BrillarNavid Hejazi2:26
24.La Tribu de las 7 IslasNavid Hejazi2:21
25.La BatallaNavid Hejazi5:20
26.La Victoria FinalNavid Hejazi2:19
27.Recuerda Quien EresNavid Hejazi2:33
28.Acepta la Verdad / Creditos FinalesNavid Hejazi2:38
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La Tribu de las 7 Islas

Added on Thursday, October 31, 2019  

Plaza Mayor Company presents La Tribu de las 7 Islas (Banda Sonora Original), Director Armando Ravelo, Music Composed by Navid Hejazi.

Plaza Mayor Company presents La Tribu de las 7 Islas (Banda Sonora Original), Director Armando Ravelo, Music Composed by Navid Hejazi.
Music Departement mixed by Adam Schmidt
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

The director Armando Ravelo wanted to tell a story that would bring back the feeling of 80’s fantasy/adventure movies. The score had to help bringing this tone and some reminiscence to actual 80’s scores.

From the beginning I wanted to create a melodic score full of themes that would be used for specific characters (for the tribe, their journey, Tellit, Miguan, Guayoth, Aranfaybo, etc…)
Armando also wanted themes for the different areas or territories from the mythical Island of San Borondon, where the action takes place (the Desert, the Dark Lands, the Truth Forest, etc…). His idea was to treat them as another character from the story. Ethnic elements like flutes, percussion and vocals are present but transformed into synthesizers, also as a reminiscence to 80’s electronic usage of instrumentation.

Navid Hejazi – Los Angeles – October 2019


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