Arthdal Chronicles

Genie Music Corporation 10/22/2019 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Poem of DestinyAilee3:39
2.Bloody DreamsHareem3:35
3.Arthdal ChroniclesKim Jun Seok1:09
4.Arth, The Prelude To All LegendsPARK SUNG IL & KIM SEON KYONG4:40
5.Arthdal, The Eternal Dream!Jung Se Rin5:09
6.The Beginning Of A LegendKim Jun Seok3:06
7.Tagon's SongPark Sung Il2:43
8.But I Want YouJudah Earl3:04
9.An Unfinished StoryKim Jun Seok3:46
10.A Strong WillLee Yun Ji3:44
11.An Unforgettable NameJudah Earl3:47
12.War In The SilenceNoh Yoo Rim3:53
13.Unexpected IntruderJoo In Ro2:21
14.I'll Go Save YouSHIN EU GENE3:10
15.High Priest Niruha!Lee RURI3:24
16.To Their Glorious DeathsPark Sung Il3:23
17.TaealhaBonchoon Koo1:35
18.Inverted SkyHYUN-DO KIM3:41
19.The Chase Of DaekanJudah Earl3:13
20.The Man Who Killed His FatherJudah Earl3:03
21.You'll Kill Them AllHYUN-DO KIM3:17
22.The Advance Of TagonSON SEONG RAK2:43
23.The Edge Of The WorldLee RURI3:04
24.A Land Of Conflicting DesiresGreg Johnson3:57
25.Chaos ContinuesHYUN-DO KIM5:19
26.A Chasing SwordGreg Johnson3:42
27.Alive God, Aramun HaesullaPark Sung Il3:16
28.Eunseom And SayaLee RURI3:11
29.People Fallen Into GriefJung Se Rin2:42
30.The Great Black CliffLee Yun Ji3:07
31.To The Sea Of MomoKIM SEON KYONG2:19
32.A Town In RuinsLee Yun Ji2:44
33.A Lonely KingKim Jun Seok2:56
34.Fate Divided By ChoiceJung Se Rin3:14
35.The Last Greeting Under MoonshineJung Se Rin4:30
36.UnfocusedNoh Yoo Rim3:09
37.The Blue Nova And The Foretold ChildLee RURI3:33
38.A MisfortuneLee Yun Ji2:41
39.Sad ConfessionJung Se Rin4:02
40.A Child In The TowerPark Sung Il3:26
41.Horrible DeathLee Yun Ji2:41
42.The Story Goes OnJudah Earl3:01
43.The Three Of UsLee RURI4:39
44.ChaosBonchoon Koo2:34
45.Hidden StoryLee RURI2:26
46.The Confrontation Of AngerNoh Yoo Rim2:52
47.Capturing RaceKim Jeong Wan2:33
48.The Power To ProtectBonchoon Koo2:49
49.Curse Of DeathSHIN EU GENE2:42
50.Bloody BraceletLee RURI3:13
51.Blood of IgutuJoo In Ro3:11
52.Crisis Of ArthHYUN-DO KIM3:00
53.Sword BattleJoo In Ro3:22
54.The Judgment Of The WaterfallKim Jeong Wan2:18
55.Blood OathHYUN-DO KIM2:22
56.Pure SoulsYae Rin Seo1:34
57.The Xabara Of MomoHYUN-DO KIM2:57
58.Second Coming Of InaishingiSHIN EU GENE2:51
59.Conspiracy Of Asa RonJoo In Ro2:17
60.Rising GroundHYUN-DO KIM2:35
61.Blade Of ThreatYae Rin Seo2:14
62.Beginning Of TragedySHIN EU GENE2:30
63.Pursuit Of BloodJoo In Ro2:46
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