Pedal Punk
(Cd) Original Soundtrack

Michael Picton 10/10/2019 CD - 500 copies

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Char I Var IMichael Picton2:17
2.Bicycle Shop 1: Big WheelMichael Picton1:47
3.Penny FarthingMichael Picton4:29
4.Bicycle Shop 2: Spinning WheelMichael Picton0:55
5.DammadiaboloMichael Picton4:40
6.Bicycle Shop 3: Broken WheelMichael Picton1:25
7.Concerto CerchioMichael Picton5:00
8.Bicycle Shop 4: Bigger WheelMichael Picton0:48
9.Sir CyrMichael Picton3:28
10.Bicycle Shop 5: Wrecked WheelMichael Picton0:35
11.Contorted CabaretMichael Picton4:53
12.Bicycle Shop 6: Sweep UpMichael Picton0:54
13.Spin CycleMichael Picton3:20
14.Gantry Gears (Act 1 Finale)Michael Picton2:20
15.Bicycle Shop 7: Fixing WheelMichael Picton0:53
16.BipolarMichael Picton3:44
17.Tied UpMichael Picton4:00
18.Clockwork SirensMichael Picton3:54
19.Bicycle Shop 8: Split WheelMichael Picton0:36
20.Roller BowlerMichael Picton4:56
21.Bicycle Shop 9: Square WheelMichael Picton1:44
22.Mayhem MechanicsMichael Picton5:33
23.Grand Gantry Gears (Act 2 Finale)Michael Picton1:19
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Pedal Punk Soundtrack by Michael Picton

Michael Picton has released the soundtrack to the Cirque Mechanics show Pedal Punk. Pedal Punk received rave reviews for its Off-Broadway run at the New Victory Theatre. 'Pedal Punk offers a spectacular ride for hipsters and pipsqueaks alike.' - Time Out NY

Pedal Punk is a soundtrack for the steampunk acrobats of Cirque Mechanics where the music comes from bicycles, trampolines, gears, prepared and un-prepared pianos, squeaky wheels, chrome, rubber, nylon, and steel.
The music takes a musique concrête approach to using acoustic mechanical sounds as the raw material of an eclectic and expressive score with styles ranging from lyrical solo piano pieces to electro-swing, carnival music, tango, EDM and more.

Pedal Punk is available to download and stream from all major online music outlets including Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music. A physical CD is available to order from both Bandcamp and CD Baby.


Michael Picton is an award-winning composer writing for film, television, theatre, concert, advertising, and circus. He has scored eight Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey shows for Feld Entertainment and four productions with Cirque Mechanics: Boom Town, Cirque Mechanics Orchestra Project, Pedal Punk, and 42ft. His music can currently be heard on stage in Marvel Universe Live - Age of Heroes, now touring Europe, and 42ft, the new show from Cirque Mechanics whose 2019-2020 tour begins this week.

Michael is the Grand Prize winner of the 2004 Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition. His television work includes the scores to Mutt & Stuff by Sid and Marty Krofft on Nickelodeon and the SyFy series Flash Gordon. His theme to the VH1 reality show I Want to Work for Diddy received a BMI Film & TV award. He has also composed iconic network themes for PBS, CNN International, and Amazon Studios.

For more information, contact:

Michael Picton,, 646-319-3246,

More info at: Pedal Punk on Bandcamp



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