Shin Toho Films Original Soundtracks

STLC 09/25/2019 CD

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# Track   Duration
1.10th Anniversary Song of Shin-Toho Foundation (From Nippon Nichimichi West Japan Volume (1958) 
2. Nippon Sasana Jibo-chan Bewitching Six Death Beauty (1956) Opening Theme 
3.Opening Theme 
4.(Opening Theme 04) Opening Theme 
5.(Puppet Samurai Manga Bride Murder Demon) (1957) Opening Theme 
6.Opening Theme 
7.Super Giants Theme 1 (from The Steel Giant (1957)) 
8.Super Giants Theme 2 (From The Steel Giants (1957)) 
9.Super Giants Theme 3 (From The Steel Giant Monster Castle (1957)) 
10.The Monster Dance Random (Steel Giant Monster Castle play music) 
11.Steel Giant Earth destruction on the verge (1957) opening theme 
12. handsome KenKeiroku (1957) opening tape 
13.confrontation of Hibarigaoka (1957) Opening Theme 
14.Dokufu Oden Takahashi (1958) Opening Theme 
15.Booty Pier (1958) Opening Theme 
16.Adjutant general Mito Man'yu Symbol of the world (1958) Opening Theme 
17.Star Poisoning Case (1958) Opening Theme 
18.New Japan Chimichi West Japan Volume (1958) Opening Theme 
19.Phantom Kaineko Mansion (1958) Opening Theme 
20.People??Woman (1958) Opening Theme 
21.Stealth generals and fight daimyo (1958) Opening Theme 
22.White line secret zone (1958) Opening Theme 
23.Dirty flesh saint (1958) Opening Theme 
24.The Queen's Wrath (1958) Opening Theme 
25.The Battlefield Nadeshiko (1959) Opening Theme 
26.The Blown Snow Death Fight (1959) Opening Theme 
27.Bo-chan and One-Man Relatives (1959) Opening Theme 
28.Ssangyaku Abareun (1959) Opening Theme 
29.Battle Square (1959) Opening Theme 
30.Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan (1959) Opening Theme 
31.Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan Ending 
32.The Battlefield of Samurai (1959) Opening Theme 
33.The King of the Sea Coral (1959) Opening Theme 
34.The Woman Slave Ship (1960) Opening Theme 
35.The Black Line Zone (1960) Opening Theme 
36.Wolves of the Wolf ' (1960) Training theme 
37.Woman embracing a bomb Thief (1960) Opening Theme 
38.Booty spiral Island (1960) Opening Theme 
39.Devil's kiss (booty spiral island play never knew what) 
40.Man is the blood When (The man saw the blood (1960) theme song) 
41.Yellow Line (Yellow Line) (1960) Opening theme 
42.Mysterious Cat Otamagaike (1960) Opening theme 
43.Sun, Blood and Sand (1960) Opening theme 
44.Hell (1960) Opening Theme 
45.Queen Bee and the University Dragon (1960) Opening Theme 
46.??Girl Wife Awesome Sixteen 
47.The Queen's Counterattack (1961) Opening Theme 
48.Ages (1960) Opening Theme 
49. Contracted Marriage (1961) Opening Theme 
50.The Murderer Without Shadows (1961) Opening Theme 
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Shin Toho Films Original Soundtracks

Original Soundtracks collection featuring music composed by Chumei Watanabe wrote for Shin Toho Films made from 1956 to 1961. These tracks are taken from the films since SHIN TOHO FILMS didn't keep any music tapes. Contains 50 tracks from 45 films including THE TOKAIDO YOTSUYA GHOST STORY, HELL. All tracks are available for the first time on CD!

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