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She Demons

Modern Harmonic 10/25/2019 Vinyl (0090771820716)
Movie Film release: 1958

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# Track   Duration
Side A
1.News Announcement (Dialog 
2.Opening Credits 
3.Inside Of Your Hat (Dialog) 
4.Washed Up On The Beach 
5.Footprints In The Sand 
6.Blood Stains (Dialog) 
7.Snake In The Jungle 
8.Ambushed On The Beach 
9.A Dead Body 
10.Chances In The Jungle (Dialog) 
12.Beautiful Again (Dialog) 
13.Guards Round Up Dancers 
14.She’s Dead (Dialog) 
15.Caged Women 
16.She Demon 
18.Underground Lab 
19.A Tough Crust (Dialog) 
# Track   Duration
Side B
1.Subterranean Smooch 
4.Ok Big Boy (Dialog) 
7.She Demons, Hah! (Dialog) 
8.Mona Enters 
12.Experiments On My Wife (Dialog) 
13.Nazi Pursuit 
14.How Bad Is Your Face? (Dialog) 
15.Mona’s Face 
16.In The Tunnel 
17.Final Battle 
18.A Fortune Cookie (Dialog) 
19.End Title 
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She Demons

Added on Saturday, September 14, 2019  

She Demons

Modern Harmonic presents the original soundtrack for the B-movie She Demon colored vinyl and composed by Nicholas Carras.

Modern Harmonic presents the original soundtrack for the B-movie She Demon colored vinyl and composed by Nicholas Carras.

• Straight from the Nicholas Carras tape archive to its first true soundtrack!
• Includes a replica film poster and notes from notorious B-movie cinephile David Schecter.
• An occult cult classic on colored vinyl cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed at Third Man!

Nicholas Carras’ soundtrack for this 1958 “horror” film adds a much needed shot of drama and excitement to the wide range of bizarre charms captured on screen.
Carras employs thundering tympani and a small ensemble for an enthralling score, highlighted by a drum-propelled dance and Oscar-worthy dialog. Pressed on demon green vinyl and includes a menacing movie poster!

This is the first true soundtrack to this 1958 sci-fi/horror “movie.” Once you’ve seen the film, you’ll never forget it, so take that as either a recommendation or a warning!

Despite the low budget Nicholas Carras had to work with that only permitted 22 players (which was small for the time), he takes full advantage of his limited musical resources to make the picture seem much bigger than it otherwise would have been.

Thundering tympani provides a lot of that power, with about a dozen brass and woodwind players being used in many different combinations to keep the accompaniment from getting stale.

There isn’t a lot of piano in the score because the composer needed organ in many of the cues, and couldn’t afford a second keyboardist.
The most memorable piece is obviously the drum-propelled dance, which was also wisely adapted for the film’s main title, but there’s much more to the soundtrack than that.

As Carras has demonstrated with Mr. Peters’ Pets, Date Bait, and High School Caesar, even when presented with a ridiculous storyline, he treated the tale with the utmost seriousness.
This way, when your disbelief can no longer be suspended, the music provides a steady mainline of entertainment on its own!

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