Oni No Naku Kuni

Sony Japan 09/20/2019 CD (4988601467230)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.ONINAKI Shunsuke Tsuchiya4:11
2.Sadness Shunsuke Tsuchiya2:36
3.Linne Shunsuke Tsuchiya3:47
4.Reincarnation Shunsuke Tsuchiya2:29
5.Raom Meadows Mariam Abounnasr0:37
6.Resonance (Jingle) Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:15
7.Battle-The Fallen Mariam Abounnasr4:04
8.Level Up (Jingle) Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:09
9.Kagachi Shunsuke Tsuchiya3:17
10.Deto Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:51
11.Affection Shunsuke Tsuchiya4:06
12.The Lost Town Mariam Abounnasr0:40
13.The Sook Fens Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:44
14.Kiho Shores Mariam Abounnasr0:37
15.Recollections Shunsuke Tsuchiya3:28
16.Mt. Teora Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:36
17.Minob Plaza Mariam Abounnasr0:40
18.Seer Mariam Abounnasr3:17
19.Shadestone Quarry Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:43
20.Ehir Palace-Underhall Mariam Abounnasr0:51
21.Battle-Kushi Mariam Abounnasr & Shunsuke Tsuchiya4:43
22.Ophay Forest Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:50
23.The Eternal Garden Mariam Abounnasr0:47
24.The Night Devil Shunsuke Tsuchiya2:34
25.Game Over Mariam Abounnasr0:24
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Battle-Shadow Mariam Abounnasr3:31
2.The Mesid Woods Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:42
3.Loneliness Shunsuke Tsuchiya3:23
4.Crisis Shunsuke Tsuchiya2:56
5.Danger Zone Shunsuke Tsuchiya2:41
6.Nataya Valley Mariam Abounnasr0:34
7.Confused Mariam Abounnasr3:17
8.Atonement Shunsuke Tsuchiya2:53
9.Battle-Threat Shunsuke Tsuchiya3:44
10.Awakening (Jingle) Mariam Abounnasr0:09
11.Battle-Manifest Mariam Abounnas1:25
12.Sara Mariam Abounnasr4:05
13.Kindness Shunsuke Tsuchiya4:35
14.The First Pillar Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:33
15.Blood Flow Mariam Abounnasr3:13
16.Obbe Plains Mariam Abounnasr0:39
17.Anankha Wilds Mariam Abounnasr & Shunsuke Tsuchiya0:43
18.Progress Mariam Abounnasr2:02
19.Rank Up (Jingle) Mariam Abounnas0:10
20.Daemon Mariam Abounnas2:49
21.Shadow Hall Mariam Abounnasr0:42
22.Battle-Oni Mariam Abounnasr & Shunsuke Tsuchiya6:52
23.Overture to Hope and Ruin Mariam Abounnasr & Shunsuke Tsuchiya6:17
24.Sanctum (Jingle) Mariam Abounnasr0:10
25.Omukust Mariam Abounnasr4:10
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