Children of Mana

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Breath of MANA -for the Glory-Kenji Ito1:43
2.Rising SunKenji Ito2:16
3.Ensemble de PetitsMasaharu Iwata1:13
4.A Tale of Times PastKenji Ito2:42
5.AdmirationKenji Ito2:27
6.Creeping PulseMasaharu Iwata2:57
7.ImminenceTakayuki Aihara1:40
8.Beyond the Pale Blue SkyKenji Ito2:23
9.Wavering Tower of PrayerMasaharu Iwata2:27
10.Tranquil Underground LakeMasaharu Iwata2:44
11.Crimson SandstormMasaharu Iwata3:28
12.Frozen GloryMasaharu Iwata3:05
13.Forest of Sharp WindsTakayuki Aihara3:23
14.The Winds Sing MightilyTakayuki Aihara3:23
15.King of ChaosTakayuki Aihara2:56
16.Impeding ThreatKenji Ito1:28
17.Infernal BeastMasaharu Iwata2:18
18.VictoryKenji Ito0:47
19.Fading WishesKenji Ito0:13
20.Comrades-in-armsTakayuki Aihara1:23
21.Song of LightMasaharu Iwata2:52
22.ChallengeKenji Ito1:32
23.Land of RuinTakayuki Aihara3:02
24.DestinyTakayuki Aihara3:31
25.The Crystal's TrailTakayuki Aihara4:05
26.Trembling EarthMasaharu Iwata1:37
27.Wailing SkyTakayuki Aihara2:28
28.Boundless PlainsKenji Ito2:18
29.AdversityTakayuki Aihara3:12
30.The Sublime Lord of LightningKenji Ito2:40
31.Neonate of ManaKenji Ito4:02
32.Unforgotten ThoughtsKenji Ito2:41
33.A New Tale BeginsKenji Ito4:46
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