PlantSounds 08/26/2019 CD - 1500 copies (9780201379624)
Movie Film release: 1986

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Introduction Ron Goodwin2:14
2.Thor’s Arrival Ron Goodwin1:17
3.Children’s Theme Ron Goodwin0:58
4.Thor’s Fishing Story Ron Goodwin1:14
5.Morning of Magic Hammer Ron Goodwin1:21
6.Farewell Theme Ron Goodwin1:05
7.The Rainbow Bridge Ron Goodwin1:58
8.At Thor’s & Sif’s Home Ron Goodwin1:15
9.Loke & Quark’s Arrival Ron Goodwin0:39
10.Thor’s Anger Ron Goodwin1:07
11.The Children in the Forest Ron Goodwin2:22
12.Building the Hut Ron Goodwin4:50
13.Whistling ThemeBørge Ring. Arranged by Ron Goodwin0:51
14.The Giants’ Theme Ron Goodwin2:22
15.The Eating Contest Ron Goodwin2:29
16.The Drinking Contest Ron Goodwin0:32
17.Thor and the Cat Ron Goodwin1:20
18.Elle’s Dance Ron Goodwin2:45
19.Tjalfe & Thor Ron Goodwin2:11
20.Giants’ Party Ron Goodwin2:07
21.Goodbye Quark Ron Goodwin1:16
22.Tjalfe Gets his Sword Ron Goodwin1:44
23.Valhalla Ending Ron Goodwin5:17
Bonus Tracks
24.Valhalla Pilot (part 1)Bent Hesselmann & Jussi Adler Olsen2:21
25.Valhalla Pilot (part 2)Bent Hesselmann & Jussi Adler Olsen1:04
26.Valhalla Pilot (part 3)Bent Hesselmann & Jussi Adler Olsen2:09
27.Whistling Theme (alternate version demo) Ron Goodwin0:50
28.Thor’s Theme (demo) Ron Goodwin0:49
29.Loke in Thor’s House (demo) Ron Goodwin0:42
30.Giants’ Theme (demo) Ron Goodwin0:59
31.Quark’s Theme (demo) Ron Goodwin0:56
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Anniversary CD Edition of Ron Goodwins Valhalla

Added on Thursday, August 01, 2019  

PlantSounds are extremely proud to present this Anniversary Edition of the music from “Valhalla”. The Anniversary Edition of Ron Goodwin's masterful score for the Danish animated feature 'Valhalla' is now ready for pre-order.

PlantSounds are extremely proud to present this Anniversary Edition of the music from “Valhalla”:

Available for pre-order now:
The Anniversary Edition of Ron Goodwin's score for 'Valhalla'.

This edition is limited to 1.500 units and includes:
* The score, as presented on earlier releases by Replay and Label X, but remastered by Audioplanet for this release.

* Never before heard demos for Valhalla by Ron Goodwin.

* Music from the 10 minute Pilot of Valhalla, composed by Bent Hesselman and Jussi Adler Olsen. World premiere release.

* A 16 page booklet containing an in depth look at Valhalla, and the music. Written by Brian Iskov.

We expect to ship on August 26th, and all orders placed before that will qualify for a €2.50 discount on the CD.
All orders placed before the release will also have a chance to win an album signed by Valhalla creator Peter Madsen.
More info, order details and soundbites on the website

In December 1985 composer Ron Goodwin attended his very last film scoring session.
It was at Easy Sound Studio in Copenhagen, and the film his music was recorded for, was an ambitious Danish animated feature called “Valhalla”, based on Peter Madsen’s comics of the same name.

At the time of it’s release in 1986, “Valhalla” had become the most expensive film in Danish film history, and the 4 years of production chaos had taken it’s toll on the many devoted crew members, who had worked tirelessly to see the film come to life.

Now, some 30 years later, the film remains a classic in Denmark, and part of reason for it’s continued success is due to the wonderful symphonic score by legendary English composer Ron Goodwin.

Originally Danish composers Bent Hesselmann and Jussi Adler Olsen (now a famous author) were assigned with scoring the film. Part of their music was incorporated into the score by Ron Goodwin, and their original contribution to the films 10 minute pilot receives a world premiere release on this album.

After “Valhalla”, Ron Goodwin gave up film scoring, and focused on conducting instead. He remained active until the days before his death in January 2003.

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