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The Boys

Madison Gate Records 07/26/2019 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Translucent Alive1:15
2.Truck Robbery1:34
5.On the Trail0:55
6.Homelander and Stillwell2:16
7.Race of the Century1:04
8.Boys Arrive1:19
9.Hughie Stalls Starlight1:23
10.Maeve Spars0:37
11.Start the Race2:00
12.Popclaw Climaxes0:56
14.Kidnapping Translucent1:10
15.Ass Bomb2:42
16.Translucent Explodes4:06
17.Hughie Trashes Room1:29
18.Translucent Visits Hughie1:13
19.Planting Bug Plan0:51
20.Dock Patrol1:50
21.I'm the Hero3:15
23.Starlight Teams Up0:43
24.Frenchie's First Kill1:35
25.Homelander's Speech1:42
26.Butcher's Pep Talk2:28
27.Rescue the Female1:35
28.Frenchie Lost Female1:46
29.Dead Shooter0:57
30.Hospital Shootout1:12
31.Graveside Sledgehammer2:24
32.Maeve's Girlfriend1:57
34.Tent Confrontation1:22
35.Starlight's Speech2:13
36.Come In1:50
37.Black Knight Not1:07
38.Kimiko's Backstory1:20
39.Subway Chase1:01
40.Mesmer and Homelander1:36
41.The Mesmerizer0:30
42.Butcher Tells Hughie1:53
43.Hughie Kisses Starlight1:03
44.Robin's Memory2:02
46.Always a Choice2:39
47.Supe Terrorist1:36
48.A Train Shows Up1:34
49.Shoot Out2:49
50.I Got Teddy2:40
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