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Anime Monster Strike SOLOMON Wisdom of the Mystic Monarch

mixi 07/15/2019 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Solomon -Wisdom of the Mystic Monarch-2:43
2.Solomon -Wisdom of the Mystic Monarch-(Ending ver.)1:26
3.Solomon's Wish1:50
4.The Princess Awakens2:12
5.The Kingdom of Lecillia1:47
6.Answer my Summons2:59
7.The Royal Succession Ceremony2:09
8.Our Magical Barrier1:47
9.Unwavering Resolve1:49
10.Small and a Little Weird...1:49
11.Demon Forneus1:50
12.Lord Malkuth1:46
13.Royal Conflict2:11
14.Dabble in the Forbidden1:39
15.The Great Sands2:06
16.The Scyzari Empire1:56
17.Elsbon Tower1:50
18.Hallowed Decemvir Malkuth2:40
19.Rising Above1:43
20.Passing of the Torch2:35
22.The Radohectal -Cosmic Spell Circle-1:11
23.Forneus -The Great Marquis of the Netherworld-2:23
25.One in Heart and Mind2:30
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