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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Major OffensivePhotek1:31
3.Captain AlaaPhotek0:14
4.Heading to WorkPhotek3:07
7.Black SheepPhotek1:12
8.A Soldier's LifePhotek0:48
9.Demons of WarPhotek3:00
11.Sheikh SalehPhotek0:10
13.The RecruiterPhotek2:24
14.Heading to the Front LinesPhotek1:24
15.Christian MajorityPhotek1:51
17.Pinned DownPhotek1:33
18.Refugee CampPhotek1:50
19.Iraqi SunsetPhotek1:07
20.Mosul End Title CardsPhotek1:48
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Mosul documentary

Lakeshore Records presents a soundtrack album for the documentary Mosul. The album features the film’s Music written by British record producer and composer Photek.

Lakeshore Records presents a soundtrack album for the documentary Mosul. The album features the film’s Music written by British record producer and composer Photek.

Mosul is directed by Dan Gabriel

MOSUL is a feature-length documentary built around several characters that come from the vibrantly diverse cultures and backgrounds that make up modern Iraq: Sunni Tribesman, Shiite Militias, Christian Fighters, and Kurdish Peshmerga. The story is told as a journey north along the Tigris River and into the heart of darkness as key participants fight to reclaim Mosul from the grip of the Islamic State in Iraq (ISIS, also called 'Daesh').
Told through the eyes of an Iraqi journalist embedded with Iraqi forces and provided with unprecedented access to unfolding events, MOSUL reveals in stunning detail an apocalyptic battle against two unyielding enemies: violent islamic extremism - and the sectarian mistrust and hatred that will remain long after the politicians declare victory.

On October 16, 2016, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider Al-Abadi, declared the beginning of a major military operation to recapture Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq. Since then, some of the oldest buildings and neighborhoods of this ancient city have been reduced to rubble; over 800,000 people have been displaced; and some 12,000 civilians have been killed.
After suffering a humiliating defeat by Daesh in 2014, the Iraqi Army regroups, and in October 2016, launches an all-out assault to recapture Mosul. It's the largest combat operation in the middle east since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and a humanitarian disaster on part with the siege of Stalingrad.
As shown firsthand in the film, an army of 100,000 uneasy allies - including Sunni Tribesman, Shia, Christian and Kurdish Militiamen - grind their way north, with supporting advances from all sides of the city.
With Daesh surrounded and in the crosshairs, the Iraqi coalition confronts maniacal savagery rarely seen in the modern world. The epic battle for Mosul is marked by 'Mad Max' style suicide car bombers, GPS-guided drones, apocalyptic devastation, and the agony of civilians buried in the rubble.
When an inevitable victory is secured in July 2017. The only question is: What happens next? The implications for the future of Iraq, the region, and the world have yet to be realized. Only now is the seismic disruption to this critical cultural fault line finally being measured. As Islamic extremism regroups and retrenches from its safe-haven, Iraq, Syria, and the West, will face the aftermath.

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