The Sea Hawk / Deception

Naxos (747313011070)
Movie | Release date: 05/28/2007 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
The Sea Hawk (complete score restored by J. Morgan)
1.Main Title2:07
2.Spain: King and Alvarez - Dona Maria - Alvarez - Lopez - The Slaves2:02
3.The Big Drum4:29
4.The Albatross - Battle - Duel - Thanks For Convincing The Trumpeter8:59
5.Slaves Release7:06
6.Night Banquet2:13
7.Love Scene On The Boat - The Throne Room7:57
8.The Sea Hawks - The Monkey - Captain Thorpe's Entrance - Exit - Elizabeth and Thorpe6:25
9.Map of Panama2:03
10.Rose Garden4:34
11.Albatross - Kroner - Chart Maker - Astronomer3:20
12.The Chess Game - Farewell - Panama Montage - The Orchid7:00
13.Thorpe's Men Hiding - Gold Caravan2:30
14.Attack - You Know My Name - March - The Fight - In The Jungle - Relax - Thorpe Cuts Through Jungle - Ocean - The Hanging Man - The Trial - The Galley13:29
15.Maria's Song - After Maria's Song - Maria Faints - Elizabeth Against Philip3:49
# Track   Duration
The Sea Hawk (complete score restored by J. Morgan)
1.After The Council - Maria's Bedroom - Spanish Boat - I Am Abbott - Rebellion - Cadiz9:22
2.The Slaves Liberate Themselves - The Murder3:01
3.The Fight With The Guard2:37
4.Knife Fight0:42
5.Happy Sailing1:26
6.The Arrival1:18
7.Reunion - New Difficulties5:18
8.Thorpe Enters Into Castle - Duel5:04
9.Finale - End Cast3:38
10.Original Theatrical Trailer4:01
Deception (complete score restored by J. Morgan)
11.Main Title1:38
13.Jealousy - Tenderness2:40
14.After The Party2:52
15.A Pity0:51
23.The End - The Cast1:09
24.Original Theatrical Trailer3:36
25.Cello Concerto (original version)7:23
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Deception (1946)

The Sea Hawk (1940)
AT LAST! For the first time the complete Erich Wolfgang Korngold score (over one hour and forty minutes) for the 1940 classic film THE SEA HAWK on two CDs – newly recorded and including music omitted in the final release version of the film. In addition, on the second CD, for the first time, the complete Korngold score to the 1946 Bette Davis drama, DECEPTION, including Korngold’s Cello Concerto as presented in the film rather than the concert hall version. Our recording also includes the original trailer music for both films.

William Stromberg conducts the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus from the score restoration by John Morgan -- the team that has provided impeccable and authentic classic film score recordings over many years.

Included in the two-CD set is a 24 page booklet written by Korngold–Sea Hawk–Deception authorities Brendan Carroll, Rudy Behlmer, and John Morgan. After THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD recorded complete by Naxos in 2003), THE SEA HAWK has been the most requested Korngold score by film music aficionados.


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