Lost Broadway 1956-57 - Broadway's Forgotten & Obscure Musicals

Stage door 07/26/2019 CD (5055122190646)

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# Track   Duration
1.Gee, But It's Good to Be Here (from 'Happy Hunting')2:44
2.Mutual Admiration Society (from 'Happy Hunting')2:17
3.Happy Hunting (from 'Happy Hunting')1:43
4.I'm Available (from 'Mr. Wonderful')2:40
5.Mr. Wonderful (from 'Mr. Wonderful')3:04
6.Too Close For Comfort (from 'Mr. Wonderful')3:51
7.Hurry (from 'New Faces of 1956')2:28
8.One Perfect Moment (from 'New Faces of 1956')2:27
9.The White Witch of Jamaica (from 'New Faces of 1956')4:06
10.Push de Button (from 'Jamaica')3:33
11.Ain't it de Truth (from 'Jamaica')4:02
12.Leave de Atom Alone (from 'Jamaica')3:31
13.Simply Heavenly (from 'Simply Heavenly')1:42
14.Look for the Morning Star (from 'Simply Heavenly')2:34
15.Good Old Girl (from 'Simply Heavenly')3:00
16.Toujours Gai (from 'Shinbone Alley')2:08
17.A Woman Wouldn't Be a Woman (from 'Shinbone Alley')2:01
18.Don't Look Now (from 'Copper And Brass')2:30
19.You Walked Out (from 'Copper And Brass')2:34
20.It's Good To Be Alive (from 'New Girl In Town')1:54
21.Look at 'Er (from 'New Girl In Town')2:18
22.Did You Close Your Eyes (from 'New Girl In Town')2:52
23.It Must Be So (from 'Candide')1:50
24.Glitter and Be Gay (from 'Candide')5:32
25.Make Our Garden Grow (from 'Candide')4:02
26.Ages Ago (from 'Time Remembered')-Bonus Track3:41
27.Time Remembered (from 'Time Remembered')-Bonus Track2:52
# Track   Duration
1.Too Close For Comfort (from 'Mr. Wonderful')3:59
2.Jacques D'Iraque (from 'Mr. Wonderful')-Pop Version2:22
3.A New Fangled Tango (from 'Happy Hunting')1:57
4.Mutual Admiration Society (from 'Happy Hunting')2:01
5.I'm a Funny Dame (from 'Happy Hunting')2:08
6.Shangri-La (from 'Shangri-La')2:29
7.Listen to the Sound of My Love (from 'Shangri-La')2:22
8.Second Time in Love (from 'Shangri-La')2:23
9.Lost Horizon (from 'Shangri-La')2:54
10.Scratch My Back (from 'New Faces of 1956')3:08
11.April in Fairbanks (from 'New Faces of 1956')2:51
12.It Must Be So (from 'Candide')3:02
13.Coconut Sweet (from 'Jamaica')-Pop Version2:26
14.Push de Button (from 'Jamaica')-Pop Version2:26
15.Pretty to Walk with (from 'Jamaica')2:42
16.Take it Slow, Joe (from 'Jamaica')2:40
17.You Walked Out (from 'Copper And Brass')2:31
18.Cool Credo (from 'Copper and Brass')3:23
19.All Dressed Up and No Place to Go (from 'Rumple')2:47
20.In Times Like These (from 'Rumple')2:35
21.Wish (from 'Rumple')2:47
22.How do You Say Goodbye (from 'Rumple')2:56
23.The First Time I Spoke of You (from 'Rumple')2:57
24.Red Letter Day (from 'Rumple')2:26
25.Coax Me (from 'Rumple')2:54
26.It's Good To Be Alive (from 'New Girl In Town')1:52
27.Look at 'Er (from 'New Girl In Town')2:14
28.Did You Close Your Eyes (from 'New Girl In Town')2:58
29.Sunshine Girl (from 'New Girl in Town')2:26
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Lost Broadway 1956-57 - Broadway's Forgotten & Obscure Musicals

Added on Tuesday, June 04, 2019  

Stage Door are pleased to present the second volume in their 'Lost Broadway' album series; 'Lost Broadway 1956-57' features 56 tracks including over 25 recordings that appear on CD for the very first time. The album includes a complete disc of Original Broadway Cast Recordings and a companion disc of 'Covers and Rarities', showcasing pop covers and other rare recordings from the Broadway musicals of 1956 and 1957.

Included on 'Lost Broadway 1956-57' are the musicals 'Shangri-La', 'Copper and Brass', 'Shinbone Alley' and 'Rumple', shows that weren't afforded a Broadway Cast Album due to their limited runs. Other featured musicals include 'Happy Hunting', 'Mr. Wonderful', 'New Faces Of 1956', 'Candide', 'Jamaica', 'New Girl In Town' and the play with music 'Time Remembered'. The selections featured include a broad range of musical styles and genres from prolific musical theatre writers including Leonard Bernstein, Jerry Bock, Harold Arlen, Bob Merrill and Vernon Duke.

The album boasts a host of star performers including Ethel Merman, Sammy Davis, Jr., Chita Rivera, Maggie Smith, Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne, Gwen Verdon, Maurice Chevalier, Buddy Grecco, Margaret Whiting, Tony Martin, Eddie Fisher and more.

Although the shows didn't last, their music lives on and this collection affirms that the 'lost' Broadway musicals featured are well worth rediscovering.

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