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The Pioneers of Electronic Sound (Remastered)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Spellbound: Prelude (1945) (remastered)Miklós Rózsa2:58
2.Étude aux chemin de fer (1948) (remastered)Pierre Schaffer2:51
3.Prelude: Outer Space Radar (The Day The Earth Stood Still) 1951 (remastered)Bernard Hermann3:48
4.Nocturne Flashlight Robot Space Control (The Day The Earth Stood Still) 19511 (remastered)Bernard Hermann6:00
5.Klang im unbegrenzten Raum (1952) (remastered)Herbert Eimart & Robert Beyer10:28
6.Imaginary Landscape (1952) (remastered)John Cage8:23
7.Klangstudie 2 (1952) (remastered)Herbert Eimart & Robert Beyer4:31
8.Studie 1 (1953) (remastered)Karlheinz Stockhausen9:27
9.Formaten I-II (1954) (remastered)Paul Gredinger4:35
10.Seismogramme I-II (1955) (remastered)Henri Posseur6:31
11.Gesang der Jünglinge (1955) (remastered)Karlheinz Stockhausen13:03
12.Main Titles: Ouverture (Forbidden Planetl) (1956) (remastered)Louis And Bebe Barron2:23
13.Elektronische Komposition (1956) (remastered)Herman Heiss5:14
14.Battle With The Invisible Monster (Forbidden Planet) (1956) (remastered)Louis And Bebe Barron2:57
15.Scambi (1957) (remastered)Henri Posseur6:29
16.Diamorphoses (1957) (remastered)Iannis Xenakis6:54
17.Song Of The Second Moon (1957) (remastered)Kid Baltan3:08
18.The Ocean (1958) (remastered)BBC Radiophonic Workshop1:08
19.Syncopation (1958) (remastered)Tom Dissevelt3:02
20.Poeme Electronique (1958) (remastered)Edgard Varčse8:02
21.Artikulation (1958) (remastered)Gyorgy Ligeti3:48
22.Evolutionen Ballet Music (1958) (remastered)Henk Badings13:39
23.Whirling (1958) (remastered)Tom Dissevelt2:37
24.Fontana Mix (1958) (remastered)John Cage11:32
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