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The Sentimental Agent

Code 7 - Network 05/20/2019 CD (5027626904838)

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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Titles 
2.All That Jazz 
3.All That Jazz 
4.All That Jazz 
5.All That Jazz 
6.All That Jazz 
7.All That Jazz 
8.All That Jazz 
9.All That Jazz 
10.All That Jazz 
11.All That Jazz 
12.All That Jazz 
13.All That Jazz 
14.All That Jazz 
15.All That Jazz 
16.All That Jazz 
17.All That Jazz 
18.The Beneficiary 
19.The Beneficiary 
20.The Beneficiary 
21.The Beneficiary 
22.The Beneficiary 
23.The Beneficiary 
24.Express Delivery 
25.Express Delivery 
26.Express Delivery 
27.Express Delivery 
28.Express Delivery 
29.Never Play Cards With Strangers 
30.Never Play Cards With Strangers 
31.Never Play Cards With Strangers 
32.Never Play Cards With Strangers 
33.Never Play Cards With Strangers 
34.Never Play Cards With Strangers 
35.Never Play Cards With Strangers 
36.May the Saints Preserve Us 
37.May the Saints Preserve Us 
38.May the Saints Preserve Us 
39.May the Saints Preserve Us 
40.May the Saints Preserve Us 
41.Scroll of Islam 
42.Scroll of Islam 
43.Scroll of Islam 
44.Scroll of Islam 
45.Scroll of Islam 
46.Scroll of Islam 
47.Scroll of Islam 
48.Scroll of Islam 
49.A Little Sweetness and Light 
50.A Little Sweetness and Light 
51.A Little Sweetness and Light 
52.A Little Sweetness and Light 
53.A Little Sweetness and Light 
54.A Little Sweetness and Light 
55.A Little Sweetness and Light 
56.A Little Sweetness and Light 
57.A Little Sweetness and Light 
58.Meet My Son Henry 
59.Meet My Son Henry 
60.Meet My Son Henry 
61.Meet My Son Henry 
62.Meet My Son Henry 
63.A Very Desirable Plot  
64.A Very Desirable Plot  
65.A Very Desirable Plot  
66.A Very Desirable Plot  
67.A Very Desirable Plot  
68.The Height of Fashion 
69.The Height of Fashion 
70.The Height of Fashion 
71.Finishing School  
72.Finishing School  
73.Not Quite Fully Covered 
74.Not Quite Fully Covered 
75.A Box of Tricks  
76.Closing Theme  
77.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
78.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
79.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
80.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
81.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
# Track   Duration
1.Unused Cues  
2.Unused Cues  
3.Unused Cues  
4.Unused Cues  
5.Unused Cues  
6.Unused Cues  
7.Unused Cues  
8.Unused Cues  
9.Unused Cues  
10.Unused Cues  
11.Unused Cues  
12.Unused Cues  
13.Unused Cues  
14.Unused Cues  
15.Unused Cues  
16.Unused Cues  
17.Unused Cues  
18.Unused Cues  
19.Unused Cues  
20.Unused Cues  
21.Unused Cues  
22.Unused Cues  
23.Unused Cues  
24.Unused Cues  
25.Unused Cues  
26.Unused Cues  
27.Unused Cues  
28.Unused Cues  
29.Unused Cues  
30.Unused Cues  
31.Unused Cues  
32.Unused Cues  
33.Unused Cues  
34.Unused Cues  
35.Unused Cues  
36.Unused Cues  
37.Unused Cues  
38.Unused Cues  
39.Unused Cues  
40.Unused Cues  
41.Unused Cues  
42.Unused Cues  
43.Unused Cues  
44.Unused Cues  
45.Unused Cues  
46.Unused Cues  
47.Unused Cues  
48.Unused Cues  
49.Unused Cues  
50.Unused Cues  
51.Unused Cues  
52.Unused Cues  
53.Unused Cues  
54.Unused Cues  
55.Unused Cues  
56.Unused Cues  
57.Unused Cues  
58.Unused Cues  
59.Unused Cues  
60.Unused Cues  
61.Unused Cues  
62.Unused Cues  
63.Unused Cues  
64.Unused Cues  
65.Unused Cues  
66.Unused Cues  
67.Unused Cues  
68.Unused Cues  
69.Unused Cues  
70.Unused Cues  
71.Unused Cues  
72.Unused Cues  
73.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
74.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
75.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
76.All That Jazz Sound Effects 
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The Sentimental Agent

Added on Thursday, April 18, 2019  

The Sentimental Agent

Network presents The Sentimental Agent: Original Soundtrack Ivor Slaney and Frank Horrox's exciting score underlines the romantically whimsical exploits of globe-trotting import-export agent Carlos Varela as he finds himself plunged into a variety of strange and comedic situations.

Previously unreleased on CD and compiled from the original analogue master tapes, this release comprises the theme and existing incidental scores for The Sentimental Agent, containing over 150 pieces of music which were especially composed for the series.

Ivor Slaney’s exciting score – complemented by Frank Horrox’s jazz melodies – underlines the romantically whimsical exploits of globe-trotting import-export agent Carlos Varela as he finds himself plunged into a variety of strange and comedic situations.

Featuring liner notes by archive television historian Andrew Pixley, this is an essential purchase for soundtrack collectors.

More info at: Official website Network


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