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Isn't It Romantic

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WaterTower Music 02/13/2019 CD (0794043199714)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)Adam Devine, Priyanka Chopra Rebel Wilson3:28
2.Express YourselfLiam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, Priyanka Chopra, Betty Gilpin, Brandon Scott Jones Rebel Wilson2:25
3.My Way (Remix)Alana D2:57
4.Wake Up / Off to WorkJohn Debney1:38
5.Park Walk and TalkJohn Debney1:12
6.Office TalkJohn Debney1:44
7.Subway Meeting / MuggedJohn Debney2:31
8.Chance MeetingJohn Debney2:17
9.Strange New ApartmentJohn Debney2:03
10.My Life’s a Rom Com!John Debney1:49
11.Beach WalkJohn Debney3:58
12.The Weird SubwayJohn Debney2:08
13.He Thinks I’m BeautifulJohn Debney1:43
14.The TangoJohn Debney1:30
15.Dream DateJohn Debney1:42
16.Love ThemeJohn Debney1:31
17.Flying to the WeddingJohn Debney1:19
18.Never Asked Me OutJohn Debney1:25
19.The Park StrollJohn Debney1:30
20.It Was Me All AlongJohn Debney3:05
21.Back to RealityJohn Debney0:49
22.My True SelfJohn Debney1:35
23.I Was Looking at YouJohn Debney1:30
24.You Saw the Real MeJohn Debney1:16
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Isn't It Romantic - 09/10 - Review of Rose Stephens, submitted at (English)
I recently watched, and thoroughly enjoyed 'Isn't it Romantic'. The film follows a young professional woman, played by Rebel Wilson, who disagrees with the idea of the favoured 'romantic comedy' movie genre, however ultimately finds herself inside one after having a knock to the head.

The film is essentially a mockery of the genre, blatantly highlighting the unrealistic expectations these films tend to create, and ultimately the ridiculousness of scenarios presented in romantic comedies. I found, however, that it was the music scored by John Debney which gave the film its sarcastic, ironic and hilarious character, whilst also managing to appear sincere in its delivery. The music is effectively exactly what you would expect of a typical romantic comedy; it has all of the clichés, the soaring motifs, the plucked strings in times of curiosity, the 'new day, new scene' classic guitar motif accompanied by orchestra, all of which we know, whether consciously or not, to epitomise this genre.

I did not notice how 'typical' this soundtrack was until I listened to it after I had watched the film, however, and felt myself transported back to all the old movies I used to watch as a child - The Holiday, The Princess Diaries, A Cinderella Story, and so on. All the same elements had been incorporated and I found that I had just watched a film attempting to mock the romantic comedy, with music which seemed to me to be the embodiment of the romantic comedy soundtrack, only emphasised and exaggerated to accompany the tone of the whole film.

The original motion picture score seemed to accompany the creative flow of the film so seamlessly that I barely noticed it; and, although a controversial opinion, I believe that this is what makes a great score. One that is created so perfectly for the film that it fits inside it with complete invisibility.

This score is not one that I think will be remembered as a 'great' score as it doesn't incorporate any particularly memorable motifs but instead comprises influences of past romantic comedy scores; but its subtle irony and moments of realism and beauty should be remembered as great for the purpose of this film. Even if I struggled with the clichéd nature of the soundtrack at times, I understand that this was the aim of the score; and that when the film required sincerity (though not often), Debney created a different, more genuine theme; allowing the viewer to know that this part isn't a pretend world - this part is real.


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