Respawn Gold: 40 Classic Gamer Anthems

SFO 12/21/2012 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Sons of Skyrim (From "Skyrim") (Orchestral Mix)Anime Kei3:24
2.It Was the Joker (From "Batman Arkham City") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved1:11
3.Main Theme (From "Call of Duty Black Ops 2") (Orchestral Mix)Thematic Pianos5:02
4.How She See's the World (From "Bioshock 2") (Orchestral Mix)The Stereoscopic Orchestra5:36
5.My Body Is a Cage (From "Assasins Creed 3") (Orchestral Mix)Thematic Pianos3:39
6.Preview Theme (From "Dead Island") (Orchestral Mix)The Stereoscopic Orchestra2:14
7.Seeds of Love (From "Devil May Cry") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved0:46
8.Far Horizons (From "Skyrim") (Orchestral Mix)Anime Kei4:44
9.For Rabbit (From "Medal of Honor: Warfighter") (Orchestral Mix)Anime Kei2:56
10.Awakening (From "Halo 4") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved6:18
11.Diablo 2: Tristram Original Theme (From "Diablo 2") (Orchestral Mix)Dark Passengers5:38
12.Entry Theme (From "Resistance 3") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved1:26
13.To Galaxy (From "Halo 4") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved2:10
14.Finally a Tomorrow (From "Gears of War 3") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved3:14
15.Skyrim Main Theme: (From "Skyrim") (Piano Mix)Anime Kei3:56
16.Battlefield 3 Main Theme (From "Battlefield 3") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved1:48
17.Carry On (From "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved4:21
18.From Past to Present (From "Skyrim Elder Scrolls") (Orchestral Mix)Anime Kei5:05
19.Burning Jacob's Ladder (From "Rage") (Orchestral Mix)Dark Passengers5:11
20.Iron (From "Assasins Creed, Revelations") (Orchestral Mix)The Stereoscopic Orchestra2:26
21.Mass Effect Main Theme (From "Mass effect 3") (Orchestral Mix)Dark Passengers2:03
22.Welcome to the Sprawl (From "Dead Space") (Orchestral Mix)The Stereoscopic Orchestra4:08
23.Main Rock Theme (From "Halo") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved2:35
24.Arthas My Son (From "World of Warcraft") (Orchestral Mix)The Stereoscopic Orchestra1:25
25.Star Hawk Main Theme (From "Star Hawk") (Orchestral Mix)Dark Passengers1:25
26.Main Theme (From "Halo Combat Evolved") (Orchestral Mix)Nostromo Pilots2:04
27.Beauty of Annihilation (From "Call of Duty") (Orchestral Mix)Nostromo Pilots4:05
28.Temple of Light (From "Fable") (Orchestral Mix)Harajuku Nation1:44
29.Honor for All (From "Dishonored") (Orchestral Mix)Anime Kei2:13
30.Main Theme (From "Medal Of Honor") (Orchestral Mix)Harajuku Nation3:47
31.Mass Effect 3: An End Once and for All (From "Mass effect 3") (Orchestral Mix)Anime Kei3:39
32.Melodies of Life (From "Final Fantasy IX") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved7:51
33.Nates Theme (From "Uncharted") (Orchestral Mix)The Stereoscopic Orchestra3:23
34.Main Theme (From "Dead or Alive") (Orchestral Mix)Thematic Pianos1:25
35.The Charr Triumphant (From "Guild Wars 2") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved1:53
36.Diablo 3: New Tristram (From "Diablo 3") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved4:01
37.Pursuit of Truth (From "Halo") (Orchestral Mix)Nostromo Pilots2:58
38.Diablo 3: Barbarian (From "Diablo 3") (Orchestral Mix)The Evolved0:58
39.Fear Not This Night (From "Guild Wars 2") (Orchestral Mix)Anime Kei3:05
40.Suicide Mission (From "Mass Effect 2") (Orchestral Mix)The Stereoscopic Orchestra2:44
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