#Anime: 50 Classic Anime Themes

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Highschool of the Dead Main Theme (From "Highschool of the Dead") (Rock Mix)The Evolved3:31
2.The Raising Fighting Spirit (From Naruto) (Instrumental)Anime Kei2:24
3.Still Doll (From "Vampire Knight") (Instrumental)Anime Kei1:28
4.Asterisk (From "Bleach") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:50
5.We Are (From "One Piece") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:33
6.Fairy Tail Opening 1 (From "Fairy Tail") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:35
7.Brothers (from "Full Metal Alchemist") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique4:48
8.What's up People (From "Death Note") (Instrumental)The Evolved4:13
9.Wind (From Naruto) (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique3:28
10.Dragon Ball Z Theme (From "Dragonball Z") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:40
11.Cruel Angels Thesis (From "Neon Genesis: Evangelion") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique3:30
12.Moonlight Legend (From "Sailor Moon") (Instrumental)The Evolved2:52
13.Pokemon Theme (From "Pokemon") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation3:17
14.Sadness and Sorrow (From "Naruto") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique4:00
15.Suna No Oshiro (From "Vampire Knight: Guilty") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation3:10
16.The World (From "Death Note") (Instrumental)The Evolved3:44
17.Ranbu no Melody (From "Bleach") (Instrumental)Anime Kei2:23
18.Melissa (From "FullMetal Alchemist") (Instrumental)Anime Kei4:41
19.Kaneda's Theme (From "Akira") (Instrumental)Nostromo Pilots3:33
20.Inochi No Namae (From "Spirited Away") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos3:44
21.Lilium (From "Elfen Lied") (Instrumental)The Evolved1:57
22.Alones (From "Bleach") (Instrumental)Anime Kei1:40
23.Bon Voyage (From "One Piece") (Instrumental)Anime Kei4:26
24.Fairy Tail Opening 2 (From "Fairy Tail") (Instrumental)Anime Kei4:01
25.Main Theme (From "Vampire Knight") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:15
26.Houki Boshi (From "Bleach") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:17
27.I Said I'm Naruto (From "Naruto") (Instrumental)The Evolved1:37
28.Futatsu No Kodou to Akai Tsumi (From "Vampire Knight") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation3:28
29.Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (From "Sailor Moon Sailor Stars") (Instrumental)The Evolved1:36
30.Cowboy Bebop Theme (From "Cowboy Bebop") (Instrumental)Nostromo Pilots3:00
31.Pain (From "Devil May Cry") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos2:36
32.Zero Kiryu's Theme (From "Vampire Knight") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos2:10
33.D-Tecnolife (From "Bleach") (Instrumental)Anime Kei2:08
34.Strong and Strike (From "Naruto") (Instrumental)Anime Kei2:02
35.Hikari E (From "One Piece") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:41
36.Moon Revenge (From "Sailor Moon R Movie") (Instrumental)The Evolved4:01
37.Ichirin No Hana (From "Bleach") (Instrumental)Anime Kei2:19
38.Every Heart (From "Inuyasha") (Instrumental)The Evolved3:28
39.Life Is Like a Boat (From "Bleach") (Instrumental)Anime Kei5:04
40.Yuki Cross Theme (From "Vampire Knight") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos2:04
41.Heart Moving (From "Sailor Moon Series 1") (Instrumental)The Evolved2:28
42.Yu Gi Oh Theme (From "Yu Gi Oh") (Instrumental)Anime Kei5:40
43.Main Theme (From "Trinity Blood") (Instrumental)Anime Kei1:28
44.Cold Bullet Blues (From "Highschool of the Dead") (Instrumental)The Evolved5:20
45.Theme of Tears (From "Gundam Seed") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation3:25
46.Kokoro No Chizu (From "One Piece") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:41
47.Fairy Tail Opening 3 (From "Fairy Tail") (Instrumental)Anime Kei3:27
48.Princess Moon (From "Sailor Moon") (Instrumental)The Evolved3:59
49.Rock Lee Game (From "Naruto") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation1:04
50.Tobira No Mokuo (From "FullMetal Alchemist") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation3:16
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