Hearts Intertwined

Burnt Toast Records 01/28/2019 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.The Lost One's Requiem // Terra (from "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep")2:40
2.The Master's Lament // Aqua (from "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep")2:51
3.The Apprentice's Lullaby // Ventus (from "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep")3:00
4.Into Oblivion // Riku (from "Kingdom Hearts 2")4:16
5.The Oathkeeper // Kairi (from "Kingdom Hearts")2:40
6.The Guiding Key // Sora (from "Kingdom Hearts 2")2:53
7.Memories of Nobody // Roxas (from "from Kingdom Hearts 2")3:34
8.Sketchbook Memories // Naminé (from "Kingdom Hearts 2")2:18
9.The Fading Memory // Xion (from "Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days")2:30
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