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Amazing Stories: Anthology Three

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 06/12/2007 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 3000 copies

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Main Title - Alternate #2 John Williams1:03
2.David Alan Silvestri1:18
3.Curse of Dolkite Alan Silvestri2:52
4.Whatís Dolkite Alan Silvestri0:13
5.Cemetery Alan Silvestri3:00
6.Caretaker; Til Death Do Us Part Alan Silvestri2:00
7.Crypt; Fingertip Alan Silvestri6:38
8.House Of Beanes Alan Silvestri1:18
9.Flashlight Alan Silvestri1:55
10.Forever Alan Silvestri6:40
11.Late For School Alan Silvestri0:46
12.Sore Throat Alan Silvestri0:21
13.On the Boardwalk In Atlantic City Craig Safan1:14
14.Sad Lois Craig Safan1:01
15.Too Tired Craig Safan1:36
16.Custerís Eyeballs; The Ring; Lois Transforms Craig Safan2:58
17.Waxed Horrors Craig Safan1:07
18.Sexy Lois; Knife Show Craig Safan1:15
19.Love You to Death; The Curse Goes On Craig Safan3:27
20.Zombies Michael Kamen6:12
21.Nightmare; Learn to Type Michael Kamen2:18
22.First Scare Michael Kamen3:47
23.Run; Eye Opener Michael Kamen1:18
24.The Next Morning Michael Kamen0:42
25.Phantom of the Parking Lot Michael Kamen0:48
26.Jail; Karen; Hoz In the Mirror Michael Kamen5:35
27.Weíll Shoot It Here; In the Eye Michael Kamen3:20
28.The Eye Bridge; Death Michael Kamen0:37
29.Reel Magic Bruce Broughton1:23
30.Lou Bundles Bruce Broughton2:20
31.Coffee Shop Magic; Meet the Cards; More Reel Magic Bruce Broughton2:02
32.The Cards Do It Bruce Broughton2:12
33.Louís New Act; The Cardís Wedding Bruce Broughton1:19
34.Somethingís Wrong; Iíll Show You Magic; Louís Goodbye Bruce Broughton3:22
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Bumper #1 John Williams0:04
2.Strange Evening Billy Goldenberg1:56
3.Real Pal; Doctor Schreck Billy Goldenberg0:31
4.Secret Cinema Billy Goldenberg0:35
5.Calliope Billy Goldenberg1:15
6.Secret Playoff Billy Goldenberg0:32
7.Through the Heart; Whatís That Music? Billy Goldenberg1:26
8.Step-Child; Pie Eyed Billy Goldenberg1:18
9.Death Row Fred Steiner1:33
10.Jailbreak; Healing Hands Fred Steiner4:31
11.Healing Motif; Healing All Fred Steiner3:08
12.Death walk; Resurrection Fred Steiner5:20
13.Pumpkin Girls John Addison0:52
14.It's a Fix John Addison0:30
15.No Family; You Can Win John Addison2:01
16.Big Pea John Addison0:52
17.Growth Payment; Night Growth Part 1 John Addison2:50
18.Night Growth Part 2 John Addison1:13
19.The Wager; Rope and Ladder John Addison2:29
20.Off To the Fair; Late Arrival John Addison2:44
21.Alma Defeated John Addison0:38
22.Come In Edward; I Like Fish; A Great Story; Grandpa Is Dead Pat Metheny6:04
23.Grandpa Comes Back Pat Metheny1:12
24.Be Mine Always Pat Metheny1:22
25.Grandma Dies Pat Metheny2:23
26.The Mission John Williams0:35
27.The Jinxed One John Williams1:49
28.Off We Go John Williams1:09
29.Broken Landing Gear John Williams1:44
30.Friendly Persuasion; Trapped John Williams1:22
31.The Captainís Frustration John Williams2:30
32.Amazing Stories Act Break; Fade In John Williams0:20
33.The Parachute; The Control Tower John Williams4:00
34.Iím Father McKay John Williams1:31
35.Goodbyes John Williams2:50
36.Jonathan Begins to Draw; The Landing John Williams10:39
37.End Credits John Williams0:29
38.AMBLIN Logo - Alternate John Williams0:15
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Third 2-CD anthology of soundtrack music from Steven Spielberg TV series spotlights longest, most involved episode scores. Michael Kamen brings intense orchestral action, suspense to Martin Scorsese-directed 'Mirror, Mirror', Alan Silvestri gives Robert Zemeckis-directed 'Go To the Head of the Class' abundance of sinister electronics, Fred Steiner offers Mick Garris tale 'Life On Death Row' intense, somber score for string orchestra. Highlight is lengthy, powerhouse John Williams score for Spielberg episode 'The Mission' with Kevin Costner. Rousing aerial music leads to thundering action, culminates in spectacular climax for large orchestra. Set also has never-used alternate John Williams 'Main Title', music by Bruce Broughton, John Addison, more! All music presented from multi-track stereo session masters, released through efforts of NBC Universal, Amblin Entertainment, Intrada. Authoritative notes from Jon Burlingame, complete track listings, recording dates, plethora of color stills compliment package. Special Collection release limited to 3000 copies!

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