Amazing Stories: Anthology Two

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Main Title ≠ Alternate #1 John Williams1:03
2.The House; Sheena Jerry Goldsmith0:36
3.Those People; Practice; Strange Feelings Jerry Goldsmith2:57
4.Sharp Teeth; Letís Scare ĎEm Jerry Goldsmith1:50
5.What Fun; Itís O.K.; Jungle Zombie Jerry Goldsmith1:57
6.Zombie Attack; Each Other Jerry Goldsmith1:21
7.The Bike Jerry Goldsmith0:26
8.The Jewelry Jerry Goldsmith1:12
9.Catch Us; No Fall Jerry Goldsmith1:35
10.Bubbles; Nails; Kitchen Odyssey William Goldenberg4:34
11.Obnoxious William Goldenberg1:47
12.Pregnant Lady William Goldenberg0:57
13.Crossing Guard; Steve/Born William Goldenberg5:04
14.Twenty Three Thousand Dollars Georges Delerue0:47
15.Wrinkles Georges Delerue0:38
16.Be Quiet; Ben Leaves Georges Delerue2:45
17.Face Changes Georges Delerue0:59
18.Dorothy Georges Delerue4:49
19.Bradís March; Bradís Parking Space Craig Safan1:58
20.Shirley Craig Safan1:42
21.Meteor; Bradís Fear; Attracting; Attractions Craig Safan4:10
22.Brad Runs; Locker Room; Bradís Honor Craig Safan2:07
23.Magnetic Love Craig Safan2:01
24.Al Driving Home David Newman1:30
25.Water Vibrates David Newman0:51
26.Through the Window; Off to Meet the Neighbors; Glad to Know You; Rose Eater David Newman5:21
27.May Have Something David Newman0:41
28.Microwave and Meatloaf; Off Kilter David Newman2:54
29.Heat Seeker On Al David Newman0:43
30.Emotional David Newman2:31
31.Wide Eyed Reaction David Newman2:23
32.Mommaís Breath; The Package Bruce Broughton2:39
33.Doraís Message Bruce Broughton2:12
34.Doraís Gifts; Calvin Returns Bruce Broughton2:33
35.Chicken Preferred; Turkey Bruce Broughton4:42
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Bumper #2 John Williams0:04
2.Iím Harry Valentine David Shire0:30
3.Canít Remember; ÖAs a Woman David Shire2:47
4.Hell Toupee David Shire0:17
5.Scratched Head; The Escape David Shire2:00
6.Toupee Shop; Change Your Life David Shire1:49
7.What Is It?; The Chase David Shire5:10
8.Finale David Shire0:53
9.Brainstorm Johnny Mandel0:42
10.Free Drinks All Around Johnny Mandel0:30
11.The Cupboard Was Bare; Pass the Oil Johnny Mandel1:58
12.To Your Health Johnny Mandel2:06
13.The Banquet Johnny Mandel1:36
14.The Bridge Johnny Mandel1:02
15.Reincarnation Johnny Mandel0:30
16.Walter Arthur B. Rubinstein1:47
17.From the Forties Arthur B. Rubinstein0:34
18.Right Away Arthur B. Rubinstein0:51
19.Super Over Source Arthur B. Rubinstein0:50
20.Neon Signs and Fog Arthur B. Rubinstein1:15
21.Something Just For You; Queen and Mrs. Cleaver Arthur B. Rubinstein4:00
22.Simmons Arthur B. Rubinstein0:45
23.Enjoying Yourself? Arthur B. Rubinstein0:24
24.No Mice Arthur B. Rubinstein0:35
25.To Bed Arthur B. Rubinstein0:58
26.Pop Off Arthur B. Rubinstein0:28
27.Off to Work; Tidying Up John Addison1:40
28.Daily Soap John Addison1:00
29.First Encounter; Is It Dangerous? John Addison3:44
30.Lamp Eater John Addison1:08
31.Nummy, Nummy John Addison1:36
32.Hardware Dump John Addison2:10
33.Gun Threat John Addison0:58
34.Friends John Addison1:10
35.Revelation John Addison1:54
36.No Day at the Beach; Picking Up Cards; Turkey in the Face Leonard Rosenman2:06
37.Hey Casey; Get Some Sleep Leonard Rosenman1:32
38.Battle Stations Leonard Rosenman0:25
39.Gun Fire Leonard Rosenman0:22
40.Charging Pill Box Leonard Rosenman1:54
41.Dead Arnold Leonard Rosenman0:16
42.He Never Got Off the Boat Leonard Rosenman4:11
43.From the Sky Above the House; From the House to the Within; From the Chimney and In Through the Window Thomas Newman5:42
44.Caught By the Law Thomas Newman1:42
45.The Reindeer; No Fingerprints; From the Jail to the Chase to Left Off Thomas Newman5:18
46.The Ray Gun Thomas Newman0:50
47.By Candlelight Thomas Newman0:28
48.End Credits John Williams0:29
49.AMBLIN Logo ≠ Christmas Version John Williams0:15
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Second 2-CD anthology of complete scores from fantasy TV series presented by Steven Spielberg, featuring big-name directors, major film composers. Highlights include Jerry Goldsmith's sweet-turned-quirky 'Boo!', Leonard Rosenman's exciting WWII 'No Day at the Beach', Thomas Newman's evocative, triple piano-led 'Santa '85', Bruce Broughton's dark, exciting 'Thanksgiving', Georges Delerue's warm 'Dorothy and Ben', many others. Alternate John Williams main title, second 'bumper' plus series end title, special Christmas version of Amblin logo also appear! Presented from state-of-the-art multi-track session masters through combined efforts of Universal, Amblin and Intrada. Lavish set includes all original cues scored for each featured episode plus scoring session dates, plethora of color stills, informative notes from TV authority Jon Burlingame. Each composer conducts on respective score. Special Collection release limited to 3000 copies!

Soundtracks from the collection: Compilation

Georges Delerue: The London Sessions Volume two (1990)
Hollywood Music Festival Volume 1 (1995)
Grosse Filme Beruhmte Melodien (1967)
Plus Belles Musiques de Films de Romy Schneider, Les (1988)
Und Ewig Singen Die Wšlder / Das Erbe Von BjŲrndal (2000)
Signor Cipriani Tempo (2002)
Voix (1975)
Eis am Stiel: Best of... Volume 2 (1990)
John Williams Soundtracks (2009)
Film Music by Ennio Morricone (1993)

Soundtracks from the collection: Limited Editions

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (2013)
Hell's Belles (2010)
Dark Hour, The (2008)
Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, The (2014)
Three Coins in the Fountain (2004)
Cieca Di Sorrento, La (2014)
Brotherhood of the Bell / A Step Out of Line, The (2010)
Exorcist, The (2012)
Cleopatra Jones / Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold (2010)
One-Eyed Jacks (2010)

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