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Movie Film release: 2015

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Theme from Ant-ManChristophe Beck2:45
2.Honey, I Shrunk MyselfChristophe Beck2:28
3.Escape from JailChristophe Beck1:51
4.Ant 247Christophe Beck1:12
5.Paraponera ClavataChristophe Beck1:23
6.San Francisco, 1987Christophe Beck2:37
7.I'll Call Him AntonyChristophe Beck2:50
8.Tiny TelepathyChristophe Beck2:01
9.First MissionChristophe Beck3:23
10.Signal DecoyChristophe Beck0:50
11.Old Man Have SafeChristophe Beck2:25
12.Pym's LabChristophe Beck1:26
13.AntfiltrationChristophe Beck1:19
14.Your Mom Died a HeroChristophe Beck2:02
15.Scott Surfs on AntsChristophe Beck1:11
16.The Water MainChristophe Beck1:14
17.CrossTech Break-InChristophe Beck1:47
18.Into the Hornet's NestChristophe Beck2:58
19.Become the HeroChristophe Beck1:52
20.InsecticideChristophe Beck2:50
21.A Center for Ants!Christophe Beck1:14
22.Cross Gets CrossChristophe Beck1:52
23.Fight of the BumblebeeChristophe Beck1:43
24.Ants on a TrainChristophe Beck1:42
25.Small SacrificeChristophe Beck3:35
26.About Damn TimeChristophe Beck0:39
27.Tales to Astonish!Christophe Beck1:46
28.BorombonCamilo Azuquita2:49
29.Escape (From The "Coffy" Soundtrack)Roy Ayers2:12
30.I'm ReadyCommodores3:18
31.Pink GorillaHLM3:45
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