22D Music 12/12/2018 Download
Movie Film release: 2018

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Pachamama Opening Theme1:58
2.Tepulpaï Theme1:31
3.The Shaman and Walumama2:44
4.Ancestor's Cave2:09
5.The Offering1:10
6.Village Dance1:54
7.Goodbye Village, Hello Kirkincho0:51
8.Bridge of Ropes1:19
9.Message from the Stars1:50
10.Sea of Clouds2:18
11.Entering Cuzco1:52
12.Sun Temple1:38
14.Tepulpai Chase1:37
15.Leaving the Catacombs1:06
16.Naïra, Tepulpai and the Condor2:17
17.Flight on the Wings of the Condor1:28
18.The Metamorphose1:07
19.Snakes, Tepulpai and Conquistadors1:44
20.Village Looting1:15
21.Walumama Theme1:42
22.The Shaman's Rain Chant0:55
23.Pachamama Anthem1:14
24.Tepulpai Theme II0:46
25.Somos la Nueva TierraJuan Antin2:30
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