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The Alamo & High Noon

Stage & Screen 04/08/2016 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Overture (From 'The Alamo')3:10
2.Main Title / Legend of the Alamo / Sam Houston (From 'The Alamo')3:17
3.Davy Crockett and the Tennesseans (From 'The Alamo')1:00
4.Cantina Music (From 'The Alamo')2:14
5.Davy Crockett's Speech ('Republic Is One of Those Words...') (From 'The Alamo')2:25
6.Love Scene (From 'The Alamo')6:36
7.Crockett and the Tennesseans Enter the Alamo (From 'The Alamo')2:37
8.The Mexicans Arrive (From 'The Alamo')2:41
9.Intermission (From 'The Alamo')1:01
10.Entr'acte (From 'The Alamo')3:48
11.Tennessee Babe (From 'The Alamo')2:33
12.Here's to the Ladies (From 'The Alamo')1:14
13.Raid for Cattle (From 'The Alamo')4:40
14.Santa Anna (From 'The Alamo')1:12
15.Crossing the Line (From 'The Alamo')2:53
16.The Green Leaves of Summer (From 'The Alamo')3:22
17.Charge of Santa Anna / Death of Davy Crockett / The Final Assault (From 'The Alamo')7:03
18.Finale (From 'The Alamo')1:50
19.Exit Music (From 'The Alamo')1:16
20.Davy Crockett and Flaca ('I'm Gonna Tell You Something, Flaca...') (From 'The Alamo')3:50
21.Alternate Ending: The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You (From 'The Alamo')1:13
22.Ballad of the Alamo (feat. Marty Robbins) (From 'The Alamo')Dimitri Tiomkin & Marty Robbins3:42
23.The Green Leaves of Summer (No. 2) (feat. The Brothers Four) (From 'The Alamo')Dimitri Tiomkin & The Brothers Four2:51
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Main Title (Do Not Forsake Me) (feat. Tex Ritter) (From 'High Noon')Dimitri Tiomkin & Tex Ritter2:45
2.Miller Gang Comes to Town (From 'High Noon')1:09
3.The Depot (From 'High Noon')2:47
4.They've Pardoned Frank Miller (From 'High Noon')2:52
5.Will and Amy Return to Town (From 'High Noon')0:45
6.About Frank Miller (From 'High Noon')3:18
7.Have You Forgotten What He Said? (From 'High Noon')0:45
8.Harve Gets an Idea (From 'High Noon')1:12
9.Harve's Ultimatum (From 'High Noon')1:12
10.Helen's Decision (From 'High Noon')1:26
11.Herb's Ready (From 'High Noon')1:13
12.Kane Warns Helen (From 'High Noon')4:38
13.Kane Runs into Ben Miller (From 'High Noon')0:37
14.Horse Laugh (From 'High Noon')1:47
15.Mrs. Fuller's Clumsy Lie (From 'High Noon')0:11
16.Harve Confronts Helen (From 'High Noon')2:04
17.Seeking Help in Church (From 'High Noon')0:51
18.Pierce Is Anxious (From 'High Noon')0:33
19.Better for You, Better for Us (From 'High Noon')0:28
20.Put That Thing Away (From 'High Noon')0:23
21.The Retired Marshal (From 'High Noon')1:23
22.They Don't Care (From 'High Noon')1:57
23.Kane's Women (From 'High Noon')2:02
24.Saloon (From 'High Noon')1:49
25.Stable Brawl (From 'High Noon')1:45
26.Nearly Train Time (From 'High Noon')3:16
27.Two Minutes to Twelve (From 'High Noon')1:32
28.Let's Get Started (From 'High Noon')1:23
29.Miller Gang Hits Town (From 'High Noon')1:55
30.First Shots Fired (From 'High Noon')6:49
31.Frank Miller Shot / Finale (From 'High Noon')1:39
32.Do Not Forsake Me (Original Version) (feat. Tex Ritter) (Bonus Track)Dimitri Tiomkin & Tex Ritter2:47
33.Do Not Forsake Me (with Drum Overdub) (feat. Tex Ritter) (Bonus Track)Dimitri Tiomkin & Tex Ritter2:39
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