ORF Wetter-Panorama Vol.62

ORF-Enterprise 11/07/2018 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Herz EinsGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:23
2.Herz ZweiGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler3:27
3.Herz DreiGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:25
4.Herz VierGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:00
5.Herz FünfGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:53
6.Herz SechsGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:06
7.Herz SiebenGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:39
8.Herz AchtGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler2:34
9.Tradition OneGünter Mokesch & Gerold Altwirth4:36
10.Tradition TwoGünter Mokesch & Gerold Altwirth4:43
11.Tradition ThreeGünter Mokesch & Gerold Altwirth5:19
12.Tradition FiveGünter Mokesch & Gerold Altwirth4:28
13.Tradition SevenGünter Mokesch & Gerold Altwirth6:01
14.Open OneGünter Mokesch4:10
15.Open TwoGünter Mokesch4:08
16.Open FourGünter Mokesch4:14
17.Open SixGünter Mokesch3:44
18.Clear TwoGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:43
19.Clear ThreeGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler5:07
20.Clear FourGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:16
21.Clear SixGünter Mokesch & Marcus Hagler4:08
22.Stay TwoGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader4:24
23.Stay ThreeGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader5:02
24.Stay FiveGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader5:12
25.Stay SixGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader5:27
26.Light ThreeGünter Mokesch4:24
27.Light TenGünter Mokesch4:51
28.Yes fiveGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader5:22
29.Licht 5Günter Mokesch & Hagler Marcus4:11
30.Licht 7Günter Mokesch & Hagler Marcus4:01
31.Early OneGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader5:03
32.Early ThreeGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader4:23
33.Early FiveGünter Mokesch & Erwin Bader4:39
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