Assassin's Creed Odyssey
World Music & Sea Shanties Edition

Ubisoft Music 10/09/2018 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Tale of LeonidasMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:36
2.Ancient CelebrationKalia Lyraki1:17
3.The Black Earth DrinksMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:50
4.The Legend of the HeroMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:37
5.Ancient KitharaKalia Lyraki1:39
6.Through the StormZakynthines Fones of Montreal1:50
7.The Fate of the WolfMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:51
8.Sing of WarKalia Lyraki1:14
9.Muse of the ForestZakynthines Fones of Montreal1:25
10.The Death of the WolfMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:54
11.The Lost ShieldMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:43
12.The Cult of the KosmosMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:19
13.Ancient KnossosKalia Lyraki1:21
14.Bacchus Teaches me to DanceMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir2:00
15.Ares God of WarZakynthines Fones of Montreal1:29
16.The Golden Age of AthensMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir2:03
17.Ancient PanduraKalia Lyraki1:17
18.Song to BacchusZakynthines Fones of Montreal1:17
19.Odyssey (Sea Shanty Version)Messolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:33
20.The Black Earth Drinks 2Kalia Lyraki1:21
21.Myrinne (Sea Shanty Version)Messolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:19
22.The Mysterious MinotaurMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir0:58
23.Ceremony and CelebrationKalia Lyraki1:16
24.When I DrinkZakynthines Fones of Montreal1:28
25.Song for a Young GirlMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir1:35
26.The Fall of AthensMessolonghi Cultural Centre Choir2:05
27.Myrinne (Greek Sea Shanty Version)Kalia Lyraki1:16
28.Poseidon God of the SeaZakynthines Fones of Montreal1:39
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