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Movie Film release: 2007

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# Track   Duration
1.DWR 1m01 Logo0:22
2.DWR 1m02a Legend Titles1:10
3.DWR 1m02b Birth Death1:51
4.DWR 1m03 The Legend6:20
5.DWR 1m03a Antique Discovery0:49
6.DWR 1m04 Haram Trains0:31
7.DWR 1m05 Creature & Prayer2:55
8.DWR 2m06 Village Attack5:38
9.DWR 2m12 2nd Life1:16
10.DWR 2m13 Convergence2:51
11.DWR 2m14 Writing On The Wall1:09
12.DWR 3m16 Elephant Drop0:29
13.DWR 3m17 Dreams Of Death1:09
14.DWR 3m18 Pool Guest0:54
15.DWR 3m19 Hospital Freak Out1:40
16.DWR 3m20 Ethan & Sarah Meet0:41
17.DWR 3m20b Zookeeper1:10
18.DWR 3m21 Hospital Attack1:43
19.DWR 3m23 Road Warrior1:27
20.DWR 4m24 Feds & Arrival1:19
21.DWR 4m25 The Beach1:24
22.DWR 4m25b The Kiss1:18
23.DWR 4m26 Our Army Grows0:59
24.DWR 4m27 Cave Attack1:40
25.DWR 4m28a Hypnosis1:06
26.DWR 4m28b Flashback1:51
27.DWR 4m29 Levitation & Snake1:36
28.DWR 5m30 A Great Honour1:01
29.DWR 5m31a Cafe1:56
30.DWR 5m31B Cafe Attack0:59
31.DWR 5m32 Rooftop Staredown2:28
32.DWR 5m33 Chopper Attack1:17
33.DWR 5m34 Flying Battle2:23
34.DWR 5m35-36 Army Faceoff5:08
35.DWR 5m37 Feds Solution2:13
36.DWR 6m38 Desert Drive1:10
37.DWR 6m39 Captured0:43
38.DWR 6m40 Underworld1:40
39.DWR 6m41 The Altar2:28
40.DWR 6m42 Dragon Awakes3:02
41.DWR 6m43 Final D-war2:13
42.DWR 6m44 Farewell Assention3:05
43.DWR 6m45 Arirang3:16
44.DWR 7×01 Evil Theme1:28
45.DWR 7×02 Evil1:49
46.DWR 7×03 Legend2:19
47.DWR 7×04 Sarah Love Theme1:59
48.DWR 7×05 Sarah Tragic1:39
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D-War (2007)

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