The Song of Sway Lake

Lakeshore Records 09/21/2018 Download
Movie Film release: 2017

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Sway Lake (Lost Record Version)3:21
2.Sway Lake (Big Band Version)2:13
3.Pure Water Opening1:18
4.An Empty Lodge0:49
5.Ghost at the Dock0:52
6.Ollie’s Dream1:23
8.Hal’s Hands0:27
9.Starlight Reveries1:40
10.Guide Boat Daylight0:28
11.Guide Boat Moonlight0:29
12.Nikolai’s Dream0:48
14.Nikolai’s Row1:13
15.Pure Water Pills0:42
16.Charlie’s Shame1:23
18.Hidden in the Attic2:16
19.Ghost in the Mirror0:38
20.Orphan Waking0:17
21.Kiss on the Point0:28
22.Wet Walk0:27
23.Orphan Usurper1:07
24.Betrayal Reveries1:48
25.Pure Water Tears1:03
26.The Old Watch0:19
27.Blood in the Water1:03
28.Sway Lake Finale2:31
29.Issa IntermezziIssa El­Saieh4:54
30.Bittersweet J0:46
31.Bittersweet Orchestra0:42
32.Bittersweet Finale2:23
33.Drone Symphone1:08
34.Orphan Orchestra0:45
35.Orphan Finale3:44
36.Pure Water Dark Opening1:16
37.Quiet Lake Orchestra1:02
38.Quiet Lake Finale2:01
39.Small Combo3:24
40.Family Piano Exercise1:58
41.Orphan Steps0:39
43.Hymns on the Lake1:09
44.Ripples Electric0:52
45.Timmy Theme 11:20
46.Timmy Theme 21:00
47.Ghost Theme0:24
48.Sway Lake (Swing Demo)2:59
49.Sway Lake (Rhumba Demo)3:04
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The Song of Sway Lake

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to The Song of Sway Lake, Score by Ethan Gold.

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to The Song of Sway Lake, Score by Ethan Gold.

Winner of 15 international film festival awards, Ari Gold’s The Song of Sway Lake stars Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan, Isabelle McNally, Mary Beth Peil, Elizabeth Pena, and Jack Falahee. The film also features vocal performances by Brian Dennehy, John Grant and The Staves.

“Sway Lake (Lost Record Version)” sounds like it was ripped straight from a long-buried 78rpm record found in a grandparent’s attic trunk and freshly cleaned of five-plus decades’ worth of dust. John Grant, in a guest vocalist role, performs like a bona fide crooner of yesteryear: – Under The Radar
“A stunning film” - The Independent -

A young man’s plot to steal a valuable jazz record from his grandmother’s lake house is derailed when his accomplice falls for the matriarch.
Featuring a sparkling soundtrack of classic songs - as well as the stunning titular original - “The Song of Sway Lake” is a romantic drama about the vanished grace of America, and the spell cast by lost time.

Rory Culkin As Ollie Sway
Robert Sheehan As Nikolai
Isabelle Mcnally As Isadora
Mary Beth Peil As Charlie Sway
Elizabeth Peña As Marlena
Jack Falahee As Jimmy

More info at: Official movie website


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