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Una Bara per lo Sceriffo

Beat Records Company (8032539492010)
Movie | Released: 2012 | Film release: 1965 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 500 copies

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.A Lone And Angry ManPeter Tavis2:22
2.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 11:10
3.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 21:16
4.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 33:15
5.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 41:35
6.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 51:24
7.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 61:08
8.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 72:22
9.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 82:40
10.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 92:06
11.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 101:29
12.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 112:13
13.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 122:41
14.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 132:22
15.Una bara per lo sceriffo - Seq. 143:01
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Una Bara per lo Sceriffo - 10/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at (English)
Out of all the compact discs that BEAT have thus far released in this series of the western scores of Maestro De Masi, I must say I think this is one of the best and probably the one I am most fond of. Why? Well, because it has that undeniable De Masi sound to it. As soon as the disc starts, one knows it is De Masi, and it is also a score which entertains throughout, with simple themes that delight and music which haunts the listener. The central theme in particular is so unforgettable whether this be in its instrumental or vocal versions. De Masi was a master at fusing the styles that we associate with the Hollywood western score with those that are akin to the Spaghetti western soundtrack. He utilized the conventional orchestration which we had become used to within American produced movies and integrated these with the more quirky and slightly more modern sounds that have now become recognized as the standard sound of the Italian western soundtrack. For example track five, begins with a dramatic orchestral stab that leads into a romantic sounding string passage but this leads to an up-tempo galloping version of the main theme. “A Lone and Angry Man”, with strings, carries the composition along briskly, punctuated and accompanied by electric guitar, interspersed with percussion, timpani and brass –all lending themselves to the proceedings effectively. So here we have the romanticism of the Hollywood score combined with the slightly more unconventional components of the Italian western score. It’s a combination which, in the hands of a composer such as De Masi, works wonderfully. This fusing of styles carries on throughout the work and the composer brings into play solo trumpet cues, choir, lazy sounding harmonica renditions of the central theme and solo guitar performances. This is a feast for fans of western soundtracks all over the world, whether they favour the Hollywood style or the Italian method. As I have said, this is one of my favourite De Masi soundtracks and I welcome this release with open arms. Again great sound, eye catching art work and fantastic notes by the composer’s son Filippo, also watch out for more De Masi western scores from BEAT, ARIZONA COLT and THE DIRTIEST STORY OF THE WEST are coming very soon, both with improved sound quality and extra music. Bravo BEAT...
Una Bara per lo Sceriffo - 08/10 - Review of FilmClassic Soundtrack , submitted at (French)
Réalisé en 1965 par ‘Mario Caiano’, « Una bara per lo sceriffo » (fr : Un cercueil pour le shérif) tombe dans le cliché typique des westerns spaghettis de l’époque. Une ville sous l’emprise d’un Hors-la-loi (Armando Calvo) voit arriver un cow-boy nommé ‘Shenandoah’ (Anthony Steffen) qui n’aspire qu’à venger son épouse, lâchement assassiné deux ans auparavant. Bien que le shérif corrompu tente de l’empêcher, ‘Shenandoah’ fera rapidement le ménage à l’aide de son six coups. Lors de la sortie du film, ‘Francesco De Masi’ a déjà à son palmarès quelques compositions, principalement des péplums comme ‘Maciste il gladiatore più forte del mondo’ (fr : Le colosse de l’Arène) en 1962, ‘Maciste l’eroe più grande del mondo’ (fr : Goliath et les péchés de Babylone) en 1963, ‘Maciste nelle miniere di re Salomone’ (fr : Maciste in King Solomon’s Mines) l’année suivante, etc ... Le point fort avec ‘De Masi’, est qu’il a commencé sa carrière avant ‘Ennio Morricone’. Et sur ce fait là sa musique a été moins influencée par le Maestro Romain, ce qui n’était pas le cas par exemple de ‘Bruno Nicholai ou ‘Luis Bacalov’. On peut ainsi affirmer que son style et sa musique était propre à lui-même. C’est le cas pour « Una bara per lo sceriffo ». Malheureusement, comme beaucoup de BO de westerns spaghettis, hormis la chanson du film intitulé ‘A Long and Angry Man’, sortie en 45t (une face) et interprété par ‘Peter Tevis’, cette BO complète n’est jamais parue à l’époque. Il faudra attendre 1998 pour que le label Italien Beat Records Company édite un CD et un autre incluant la chanson interprétée par ‘Peter Tevis’, en 2011 par le même label. Enfin pour être complet, on retiendra que certaines parties de cette BO sont présentés dans le jeu vidéo ‘Red Dead Revolver’.
Sous forme d’une compilation, un 45t Iranien a également été édité en 1965 par le label TOP 4.


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