Bone Eater

BSX Records (0712187488600)
Movie | Released: 2009 | Film release: 2007 | Format: CD, Download
Limited edition: 1000 copies

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# Track   Duration
2.The Bone Eater - Main Title1:52
3.Train Station0:50
4.The Dig2:40
5.Sable Ranch1:09
6.Pow Wow3:50
7.Ghost Rider2:33
8.Sacred Weapon2:45
9.The Bone Legend2:18
10.Night Kill1:50
11.Nick Of Time0:58
12.A Nightmare On Horseback2:20
13.Mass Of Flesh1:22
14.Hot Lead3:02
15.This Is No Fantasy1:00
16.The Showdown6:26
Bonus Tracks
18.Train Station [Album Version]1:12
19.Pow Wow [Album Version #1]3:19
20.A Nightmare On Horseback [Alternate Version]2:22
21.Pow Wow [Album Version #2 ; Mix B]3:00
22.Ghost Rider [Album Version]2:14
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Bone Eater - 10/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at
A low budget sci fi/ contemporary western ? Well thatís what this is, I caught the movie late one night on the horror channel, and even though it is a low budget affair its not a bad yarn, the action is served up in the bucket load and certainly has originality about it. The score by composer Chuck Cirino is also something of an action packed and powerful item. It has everything that a collector of film music, (sorry that should have read quality film music), requires. High octane powerhouse action cues that ooze pure drama and propel forward at break neck speed creating tension filled musical passages that have the listener sitting on the edge of their seat even without the images present that the music was written for. But this score has many aspects to it and contains numerous musical styles and an equal number of twists, turns, as well as the hard headed action material we are treated to a fair amount of softer and more poignant moments, as in track number 3, The Train Station, which utilizes solo guitar played in unison with vibes and underlying strings supported by synths and a hint of piano, which is a welcomed haunting and touching melody within a score that is in the main a action work. Track 4, THE DIG too has to be mentioned, it is in this cue that we hear for the first time the composers gentle but obvious homage to the Spaghetti western score, a Good The Bad and the Ugly drumbeat is present underneath an opening of atonal sounding woods which soon segues into a more threatening and ominous sounding composition, complete with martial sounding percussion and urgent use of woods, rasping brass and low sounding almost guttural choir interlaced with strings that reaches a crescendo and then melts away back to the drum beats. Track 5 SABLE RANCH has a definite spaghetti feel to it, the composer utilizing chorale sounds and a harmonica which are enhanced by percussion, this is a short lived but highly atmospheric composition. Track 6. POW WOW, is a return to a softer sound, again solo guitar takes forefront supported by underlying strings that act as a perfect backdrop to a haunting melody, this is one of the longest cues on the compact disc running at almost 4 minutes. It is not really until track number 7, GHOST RIDER that we hear the full extent of Chuck Cirino's homage to the spaghetti western score, racing snares, whips and full blown electric guitar are heard backed up by exciting brass and growling voices in this wonderfully exhilarating tribute to the music from the genre of the Italian western.
The composers attention to authentic sound on this is fantastic as the guitar sounds as if its straight out of a score by Nico Fidenco, Francesco de Masi or Bruno Nicolai, it has that 60,s rawness to it.
Other sounds from the Italian western can be heard on the score i.e., bells, whistles, choir, trumpet, guitar and fuzzy sounding electric guitar, and are probably more prominent in tracks 12 and 16, and it is track 16, THE SHOWDOWN that is for me the highlight of the work, and what a showdown this must be too, the music is double high octane, triple powerhouse and must have references to more than a fistful of spaghetti musical trademarks within its 6 minute running time. It begins with a rousing opening, then the return of the GBU drumbeats that themselves develop into a more frenzied and substantial piece, these melt away and are replaced by a lone trumpet supported by strident sounding strings and determined and proud brass, add to this woods and choir with that electric guitar and a piano picking out the theme and we have one hell of a cue here, and it does not end there things get upbeat and more forthright, Cirino goes to town and throws everything into this track, itís a spaghetti fans dream come true. To say I recommend this release is something of an understatement, lets just say, if you donít go and buy it you must be loco, itís the most entertaining thing I have heard for a long while. There is so much music here and good music too, its hard to think it all comes from one movie.

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