Wh40k: Inquisitor Martyr

Etherfield Records 08/05/2018 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Finding the Martyr (Intro)2:01
2.Inquisitor Choose Your Destiny (Main Menu)3:06
3.The Abandoned Ship (Tutorial)10:49
4.Glacial Terrain14:14
5.Marks of the Heretics5:15
6.The Landing Site (Action)2:52
7.The Landing Site8:23
8.Mining Operation6:37
9.Mining Operation (Action)3:01
10.Wasted Lands5:28
11.Marks of the Heretics (Action)3:27
12.Attack Waves4:33
13.The Spaceship (Action)5:25
14.Giant Rails7:06
15.Giant Rails (Action)3:12
16.Glacial Terrain (Action)7:24
17.Industrial Indoor7:45
18.Industrial Indoor (Action)3:24
19.Infested (Action)6:42
21.The Starmap 18:02
22.Rocky Terrain (Action)3:09
23.Rocky Terrain7:45
24.Ruined City7:25
25.The Starmap 211:18
26.Ruined City (Action)2:30
27.Ruined City (The Knight)3:41
28.Upper Hive5:57
29.Upper Hive (Action)3:47
31.Mass Destruction Trailer (Bonus Track)2:30
32.Martyr Trailer (Bonus Track)3:12
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