Sette Scialli Di Seta Gialla
The Crimes of the Black Cat

Dagored Records 07/27/2018 Vinyl - 500 copies (8013252732522)
Movie Film release: 1972

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# Track   Duration
Lato A
1.Yellow Silk 
2.Black Silk 
3.Sylva Bossa 
4.Poisoned Claw 
5.Ragtime Atelier 
6.Homicidal Fury 
7.Yellow Silk 
8.Bossa Atelier 
# Track   Duration
Lato B
1.Another Aggression 
2.Circus Waltz 
3.The Next Victim 
4.Pop Atelier 
5.A Shadow In The Dark 
6.Sylva Bossa 
7.The Murderer's Face 
8.Yellow Silk 
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Sette scialli di seta gialla / Seven Shawls of Yellow Silk (Crimes of the Black Cat)

Dagored presents Sette Scialli di Seta Gialla LP edition, music by Manuel De Sica

Dagored presents Sette Scialli di Seta Gialla LP edition, music by Manuel De Sica

For this crazy Italian thriller directed by Sergio Pastore, Manuel De Sica son of the Italian neorealism legendary director Vittorio De Sica and student under the great neoavantgarde composer Bruno Maderna, composed a catchy soundtrack which range from romantic melodies to psychedelic pop and bossa nova, mixing together 60s lounge, jazz-funk guitars and strings dissonance.

Several fashion models are killed by a murderer who poisons a cat's claws with curare. Each victim is given a shawl as a gift, which is laced with a chemical attracting the cat. The first such victim, Paola, had been in a relationship with a blind composer, Peter Oliver (Anthony Steffen) who overhears a conversation he believes may help him track down the killer. Oliver, aided by his butler Burton (Umberto Raho) tracks the cat to its owner Susan (Jeannette Len), who is murdered before she can reveal who has been using the cat. However, the identity of the killer is eventually discovered to be Françoise (Sylva Koscina), the owner of the studio employing the murdered models. Francoise had killed Paola after discovering that her husband Victor (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart) had been having an affair with the young model, and had committed the other murders to help cover up the motive for the first killing… - source: wikipedia -


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