Brick Bronze

Records DK 06/20/2018 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Trailer Music0:31
2.New Game0:36
3.A New Beginning0:36
4.Mitis Town1:27
5.Goodbye Family1:18
6.Route 11:48
7.Wild Battle 11:08
8.Wild Battle 21:55
9.Trainers Meet 11:06
10.Trainers Meet 20:52
11.Trainers Meet 31:05
12.The Gate1:16
13.Route 2 3 41:36
14.Eclipse Grunt Battle Theme1:46
15.Battle Colosseum2:00
16.Trade Resort1:43
17.Cheshma Town1:58
18.Gale Forest1:57
19.Silvent City2:00
20.Route 5 and 62:00
22.Brimber City2:45
23.Brimber Volcano2:00
24.Lagoona Lake1:39
25.Haunted Gate1:36
26.Fortulose Manor Outside1:56
27.Fortulose Manor Inside1:36
28.Rotom Battle1:08
29.Rosecove Beach1:55
30.Rosecove City1:56
31.Glistening Grotto1:56
32.Craganos Peak2:00
33.Legendary Battle1:08
34.Anthian City Living District1:59
35.Anthian City Shopping District1:54
36.Anthian City Battle District2:00
37.Anthian City Sewers1:16
38.Aredia City1:40
39.Old Aredia Castle2:33
40.5th Gym1:54
41.Unown Ruins1:54
42.Route 131:48
43.Fluoruma City1:36
44.Route 142:43
45.A Shocking Encounter1:35
46.Route 151:57
47.Frostveil City2:03
48.7th Gym2:03
50.Regis Cave1:54
52.Boss Battle1:49
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