Otros Mundos

Rosetta Records 06/15/2018 CD
Rosetta Records 06/20/2018 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.A Child's Discovery1:31
2.A New Sighting1:24
3.Alfonso VIII-A Message From The Virgin3:03
4.Alfonso VIII-Breaking Into The Mystery3:03
5.Discovering New Worlds1:18
6.Erase Una Vez Javier1:47
7.Fatima's Miracle-Attack Against The Pope1:05
8.Fatima's Miracle-Her Last Will2:19
9.Fatima's Miracle-Lot Of Questions0:57
10.Fatima's Miracle-Suspension2:13
11.Fatima's Miracle-The Miracle1:36
12.Fatima's Miracle-Arriving To Formigao3:29
13.Fatima's Miracle-The Miracle In Their Eyes0:49
14.In This World2:22
15.La Batalla De Las Navas De Tolosa3:30
16.Little Green Men7:33
17.Munaiz Theme3:51
18.Navas De Tolosa2:57
19.Opening Otros Mundos (Con Daniel Rodrigo)0:54
20.Otros Mundos Main Theme1:27
21.Space Travel4:51
22.Sweet Childhood2:05
23.The Boy And The Bull3:01
24.The Miracle We Need1:32
25.Through A New View1:49
26.Wonderful Things2:05
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Otros Mundos

What have in common the decisive Navas de Tolosa battle, the life of a Spanish Air Forces captain appointed to investigate UFOs in the Canary Islands in the Seventies or Barcelona’s Monserrat Mountain? Since Christmas 2017, the answer to that question is “Another Worlds”. Under that name-and for six consecutive weeks- PPV TV channel #0, belonging to Movistar+, premiered the series Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas and I directed for the TV screen.

Alfonso Cortés and I knew from the start that the use of that music wouldn’t be enough. For “Another Worlds” final editing we needed a soundtrack amalgamating each and every one of the scenes and making sense of the transition from the Navas de Tolosa explanation to the appearance of a painted UFO over Saint Barbara’s cathedral altar, in Cuenca. It wasn’t an easy task. It required not only musical talent, but also an uncommon bravery and some impeccable good taste.

The mission was entrusted to Carlos Martín, who composed a terrific orchestra soundtrack which he directed himself later, guided by the first editing of each chapter. The truth is I remember those days with deep emotion. The waiting time for the chapters’ final sound versions to then adjust the voice-over script and record my final locution became insufferable. I sensed Carlos’ work was going to be something else, but what in no way I could expect was that it would adapt so delicately to the spirit of each part of the series. The spectator’s reaction-when finally the series premiered in #0 on 20th December 2017-was unanimous. They not only applauded “Another Worlds” concept, but also its music. The messages on social media asking for guidance as to where they could listen to the soundtrack multiplied over the following weeks, making clear what I had already guessed when working on the series: Carlos Martín had nailed it.

Today, the melodies underneath those six initial chapters can brag about a rare achievement. Somehow, they managed to make a place for themselves on the shelves-both mental and digital- occupied in my memory by those great geniuses that blew my mind away in that dark room in Heraldo Radio, when I dreamed I would disclose the great mysteries to the whole world. Javier Sierra. Writer. “Premio Planeta” Award winner, 2017.

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