K-pop Drama Ms. Perfect

Star&Tree Entertainment 04/16/2018 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.I Am What I Am (Remastered)Jo Yoo JinCherry Filter4:03
2.Behind You (Remastered)Lee Sang GonNOEL3:57
3.Dangerous (Remastered)Jun Hyo Seong3:03
4.Don't Know (Remastered)Shin Jae3:25
5.It Is Raining (Remastered)Ahn Hyeon Jeong3:32
6.I Miss You (Remastered)Miiii4:01
7.I'm Okay (Remastered)GILGUN4:14
8.As Time Goes by (Remastered)Anoc4:02
9.Ms. Perfect Main Title (Remastered)Ma Sang Woo0:39
10.Jaebok's Dream (Remastered)Oh Hee Jun2:22
11.Koo Jeong Hee Suite (Remastered)Noh Hyung Woo2:16
12.Eunkyung's Madness (Remastered)Ma Sang Woo3:03
13.Eunhee's Room (Remastered)Oh Hee Jun2:48
14.Kang Bong Gu Suite (Remastered)Noh Hyung Woo1:54
15.Craving (Remastered)Ma Sang Woo2:09
16.Perfect Couple Fight (Remastered)Hwang In Gyu1:43
17.Perfect Day (Remastered)Lee Tae Hyun2:52
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